Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter

Welcome to Central Christian College of Kansas Online. We are excited about the opportunity to partner with you in your educational endeavors. It is our belief that God has brought you here for a reason and that together we will prepare you for God’s call upon your life.

Since 1884, Central Christian College of Kansas has provided students with an outstanding educational experience. As a faculty and staff, we are committed to providing you with an education that will prepare you to impact this world. We believe that the Christ-centered experience you gain at Central Christian will shape your character and prepare you for the word He has in store for you.

The bedrock of our education is this: Jesus is spoken here. In addition to developing the skills required to achieve in this world, we take the time to explore what it means to engage our culture from God’s perspective—a Christian worldview. Here at Central Christian College of Kansas, we focus on the student as a whole person – hearts, minds, bodies and souls.

Our faculty are gifted and inspired to challenge and educate you! You will discover professionals with the credentials, experience, and heart that will help make your time with Central Christian College of Kansas Online not just worthwhile, but life changing.

I personally invite you to come and take advantage of the tremendous opportunity to grow and develop into the person God wants you to be—we promise we will surround you in Christian love and challenge you to stretch yourself to new limits.

God Bless You,

Hal V. Hoxie