Tree of Life - Course Materials

Tree of Life - Course Materials

Access 100% of your course materials – before the start of class – for a low, flat access fee.

More than half of all college students forego buying the books they need for class due to cost, and 94 percent of those students worry doing so will hurt their grade. To ease the financial burden associated with textbooks, Central Christian College of Kansas has partnered with Tree of Life Bookstores – a textbook company committed to ”transform the student experience, impact graduation rates, and contribute to the financial health of our higher education partners across the country through original thinking, unique solutions, and relevant products.” 

Now, Central Christian College of Kansas students can access 100 percent of required course materials by the start of class for a low cost, which is folded into tuition and fees at substantial savings compared to commercial market rates.​

“In the past, there has been a struggle between ensuring that students have access to learning materials and ensuring that students are not faced with excessive college costs. This program allows us to offer a sustainable solution, one that provides an affordable avenue through which every student has access to all the course materials needed to pursue their educational goals. This is a good thing.” – Dr. Leonard Favara, Chief Academic Officer, Central Christian College of Kansas

The option of partnering with Tree of Life allows Central Christian College of Kansas to leverage the technology and purchasing power provided through Tree of Life to improve college affordability. This helps improve student outcomes by ensuring that every student has equal access to learning materials and the aid needed to cover those costs.

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