Wayne McElheney, BS Organizational Leadership

I chose CCC because it is a Christian-based school. I wanted to learn at a school that teaches the academic information I need to better my professional life, but also a faith-based school which promotes the values that I believe in such as ethics and community leadership.

Wayne McElheney, BS Organizational Leadership

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Organizational Leadership

The most significant aspect of the CCC program is the support of the faculty. Each professor has gone beyond what I was expecting, and I believe that has help me be more successful during my time in school.

The application process to start my college career was simple and painless. Especially during the financial aid portion. My financial aid administrator was very patient and spent as much time as need to help make sure I got the aid needed to start my journey.

Online degrees

Doing online classes for me was the best choice and I would recommend it to others who are considering beginning school or returning. The convenience of learning on your time and schedule made it easier for me than having to work around a time. I thought that I would be at a disadvantage when it came to the convenience of on-campus help but quickly found out that I had the same amount of access through email or phone whenever there was an issue that needed to be addressed.

Since I have been enrolled in CCC, I have mentioned on many occasions to friends and colleagues about the benefits of returning to school. I have told them why I decided to attend CCC and what they should expect if the so chose to look into enrolling.

My main reason for advocating going to school or return to advance their current degree is because as a Christian we must share the fruits of our lives and by recommending a place that can not only do that but with a Christian perspective is even better.

The one thing that I can also pass on to my friends and co-workers is that one would be surprised at how much we learn in life has an immediate application. I have become a better communicator, and this has allowed me to take on more challenging assignments at work. The faith-based aspect of my learning has helped me gain valuable knowledge of biblical history which in turn has made me even more interested in our religious history.

My overall experience during my time at CCC has made me learn more about myself and what God has intended for me.

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