LeeAnn Sherman, BS Organizational Leadership

Introduction to LeeAnn: Bachelor of Science in Business (Organizational Leadership and Psychology)

I was attracted to CCCK’s organizational leadership program due to the interesting classes. Once I started attending online classes, I realized my passion for academic writing.

LeeAnn Sherman, BS Organizational Leadership

leeann sherman
Organizational Leadership

Photo Credit: LeeAnn Sherman walking in May 2019 Graduation Ceremony on Campus at Central Christian College of Kansas. Photo by Aaron Lindberg Photography.

Completion date was 11/11/2018. Disclaimer: LeeAnn is an employee at a CCCK partner company

Your Educational background

I had previously attended Loyola University Chicago but struggling with the financial demands that the school presented and always had a hard time attending the classroom sessions after work.

Your future career goals and how will a degree from CCCK help you to achieve them?

Having completed my undergraduate degree in Business at CCCK allowed doors to open for me at my current place of employment.

Shortly after graduating with a 3.99 GPA, I was promoted into the Marketing Communications department where I am now in charge of our global brand positioning and our communication initiatives. Completing my degree helped me launch my career in the direction that I had always desired.

LeeAnn Sherman walking in May 2019 Graduation Ceremony on Campus at Central Christian College of Kansas. Photo by Aaron Lindberg Photography.

Student Experience

Tell us what attracted you to this program. How did you know CCCK’s program was the right fit for you?

I was initially attracted to CCCK’s organizational leadership program due to the line-up of interesting classes. Once I started attending their online classes, I quickly realized my passion for academic writing as well as producing research papers that broadened my scope of knowledge.

How did your educational experience at CCCK match the expectations you had when first starting the program?

At first, my reaction to going back to school came from a place of fear. Albeit, once I got comfortable within the program, I was put to ease by the nurturing approach from the professors which was my favorite element of going through the program. My experience with CCCK was ultimately better than I had hoped for which in turn made the experience amazing!

How were you able to balance a full-time work schedule, coursework and personal obligations while you were a student in the program?

Great question!!! I was very nervous to take on more in life. As a single mother, home owner, and full-time employee I was not sure how I was going to juggle school work. My determination took over and I made it happen. I used to make my morning coffee and kick out a little bit of work before starting my day (like a discussion post).

I would use my week night evenings to relax with my family and enjoy big dinners and occasional movies. Then, I would wake up early on the weekends and crank out the work I felt most proud of – the papers I was able to draft up alongside topics that were fascinating to me – psychology, theology, conflict management, and communications.

These topics applied to everyday life, therefore, helped expend my knowledge and broadened my current skillset. I could even go so far as to say that school work became my ‘escape’ from chores and every day frustrations as I would get lost in my work and on many occasions thoroughly enjoyed doing just that.

My kids say, “That’s what makes you nerdy Mom.” NERDY? I’LL TAKE IT! Setting a nerdy example to my children by applying myself to schoolwork might have been the best example to set for my family.

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What was your experience with the coursework and assignments?

I enjoyed writing papers. I have never been a good test-taker, but I gained some confidence through the program on ‘how to’ take a test and produced better results.

How have you been able to integrate learnings from the program into your current job?  What are some examples? 

Well, this is certainly the best question to ask! I have used every aspect of my integrated learnings from CCCK with my current job. The biggest take-away was that I really learned how to write well and with that comes confidence in writing, developing power point presentations, and articulating my thoughts in a group setting. CCCK highlights the importance of proper APA style writing (which is applicable to most universities).

Now that I am in graduate school, I took note that most students do not know how to write well, which just reminded me of how thankful I was that CCCK provided me with the platform to produce perfect APA writing skills so that I can quickly and efficiently generate scholarly papers with limited grammatical or formatting errors.

So now, I tend to be the team lead on most projects because the other students enjoy my style of writing. Being able to write is a gift and one that is valuable in daily life – at work or in our personal endeavors.



Tell us about your experience with the program faculty. Which one stands out the most to you?

The faculty truly cares about their students in an authentic and loving way. That in turn helps develop the student further as they reach their capacity through evolving into a mature pupil.

Did having a smaller class sizes make you feel like you received more individual attention from faculty?

I received hands-on faculty assistance from most professors and am still friends with some of them who ironically became mentors to me. Becoming a mentor to your students encapsulates the nurturing characteristics of CCCK and their program faculty.

Did you find the faculty to be accessible, responsive, supportive and professional?

Yes, not only were they supportive, they were like family during my time studying at CCCK.

LeeAnn Sherman walking in May 2019 Graduation Ceremony on Campus at Central Christian College of Kansas. Photo by Aaron Lindberg Photography.

Supported Learning

How did working with a dedicated student support advisor impact your educational experience?

My student support advisor was great at helping me navigate classes and even when I decided to double up on courses. She laid out the perfect program for me and matched classes up perfectly.



What surprised you the most during your time as an online CCCK student?

Watching my own evolution as a writer. I still love to write – can you tell :)

Would you recommend CCCK Online to others interested in furthering their careers with higher education?


What advice do you have for potential students considering enrolling in the program?

Do not be fearful, just move forward and be amazed at what you will produce! In turn, your confidence will skyrocket and that is critical in the workforce and in life.

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