Jeremy Gonsalves, BS Healthcare Administration

The program is right in line with what I am doing in my career. I am seeking my BHA and am a supervisor at McPherson Hospital.

Jeremy Gonsalves, BS Healthcare Administration

  • Why did you choose Central Christian College of Kansas to pursue your bachelor’s degree?

    • I chose CCCK for a couple of different reasons.  I spent a lot of time researching 4-year degree programs and schools both online and on campus and I found that the programs offered at CCCK were geared towards my academic goals and they were in line with my own personal and religious goals.  
    • I have grown up in the church and I contribute a lot of who I am to what the church has taught me over the years.  Learning about CCCK’s mission and values were really what aligned me with choosing this school.

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  • What about the program is significant to you and why? (i.e. coursework, faculty, student support, real-world application, etc.)

    • The program I am in is right in line with what I am doing right now in my career.  I am seeking my BHA and I am a supervisor right now at McPherson Hospital.  I want to be able to grow and help develop this hospital and be able to make that positive impact on my community here.
    • This online program is by far the best layout and structure I have ever experienced in any online school.  The material is proportionate to your time in each class and the support I have from the students and faculty in each class is absolutely amazing.  Never have I had an experience as positive and enlightening than this one.
  • When you applied for this program, what was your enrollment experience like?

    • I had a wonderful experience from the very beginning of my experience with CCCK.   From my first phone call to see if I would be a good fit for this college to the continued support, I still get from Student Success.  The enrollment process was smooth and easy and the information that CCCK asked for was very minimal.  
    • I had to get my FAFSA and other financial information for Financial Aid, but CCCK took care of my transcripts for me which was so convenient.  The process didn’t take long at all and from the time I started with my application to the start of my first class, it only took me 2 weeks to get everything done.  Wonderful process to follow.  
  • Would you recommend CCCK Online?

    • I would most definitely recommend CCCK Online and On-Campus.  I think that the structure and leadership of this college is just amazing.
  • What surprised you the most as an CCCK online student?

    • I think the thing that surprised me the most was how engaged most of the other students in the classes have been.  Some of the best criticism and positive reflection so far has come from my fellow classmates.  
    • It is so amazing to see so many others caring about everyone and wanting everyone to succeed.  It warms my heart to see this kind of generosity.  
  • Would you recommend Central Christian College of Kansas to someone who is considering a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration degree? Why?

    • Absolutely!  I would want anyone that is seeking a BHA to consider CCCK for their choice for that bachelor’s degree.  I know that everyone experiences different things at different times, but I can say that CCCK would be a great fit for anyone in any degree choice that is offered here.
    • So far, this has been the most amazing experience I have ever had going back to school.  This college and the people here make me want to double major and obtain multiple degrees.
  • What is the support like from the faculty and your student support advisor?

    • The faculty thus far have all been amazing.  I get great feedback from the professors on the work that I turn in and they are giving me the best criticism I need to better myself.  I couldn’t ask for anything else from them.  My student support advisor is amazing.
    •  I receive emails and texts all throughout the classes and I have even received phone calls as a more personal touch to reach me and see if there is anything that I need from them.  My support advisor is always thinking ahead with me and I am sure all of her students and she has done such an amazing job making sure that I stay on task and ready for the next class with books and materials.  
    • If not for my student success advisor, I would probably not be as far along as I am right now.  
  • Have you been able to integrate any learnings from the program into your current job? - What are some examples?

    • I have been able to integrate my learnings so far.  I use communication methods like email and text every day and the class I took on Advanced Business Communication was incredibly helpful to me.  
    • This class showed me what to do and what not to do when sending communications out to employees and other departments.  I have found that some of my emails were not formatted the correct way and so I have been able to adjust how I send those emails to make them more professional.  
    • I am looking forward to be able to use more of the core classes once I start them.  I have really just been finishing up my generals and electives. The real fun starts on 11/11/19.

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