Deborah Hillman, BS Healthcare Admin

I know I made the right decision because I feel like I belong.

Deborah Hillman, BS Healthcare Admin

Deborah Hillman BSHA

“CCCK’s professors and advisors support me and my life goals. The teachers and counselors provide the class a lot of assistance… [They] understand that I have a family, and I'm working full-time. They don't put too much on you to where it seems like this is the only thing you have going on in life, because you hold down a full-time job and have a family to support. And by them not overloading you and always being available to you, [they] helped me succeed toward my goal.

"I decided that by the time I turned 60, I wanted to get my degree"

A little bit about me, my background is that I've been in school for quite a while and obtained my associate's degree a while back. I decided to go back to college after staying out of college for a while due to life circumstances and financial issues. I obtained a job where they offered tuition reimbursement and I figured it was time for me to go back to class and get my degree. I also decided that by the time I turned 60 - and I just turned 60 – I wanted to get my degree. I will graduate in February 2022, which I am so excited about because I didn't think I was going to be able to do it. The job and having the tuition reimbursement really helped me make up my mind because I didn't have to worry about the financial cost anymore.

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"They demonstrated Christianity and humanity"

The experience with this school has been really great. One of the highlights was when the professor knew it was the holidays and said we could pick a discussion or spend more time with our family. I thought that was really awesome of that professor to do because they demonstrated Christianity and humanity. They looked at it like you need to spend more time with your family especially since Covid has been really hard. I thought that was really great and made me feel good. I was able to spend more time with my family because I didn’t have to decide whether to stay focused on homework or be with my family. They allowed us to make that choice.

"That it is a Christian-based college really helps"

I will recommend CCCK for online learning because of the convenience, for one. I chose online because it’s convenient… and also it is a Christian-based college. It really helps because of the ways they try to incorporate that into the classes as far as Christianity, God and his ways. It does make you think about, every day, the subjects we’re dealing with. It makes you think what would a Christian do and how it applies. And it challenges you because you never would have thought about it on a Christian level. That's how it supported my faith and my personal values because I would never have put faith into my classes as far as seeing it on a Christian level and then on a professional level like that, so that has opened up my eyes.

Working with a personal student advisor has been great because she will call me, she will email me, just to see how I’m doing. It doesn’t even have to be about school and that's what I thought was great. She really showed interest in me, which meant a lot to me.

"Everyone has been extremely helpful, and I appreciate it"

Overall, the school has been great as far as the professors, teachers, even the bursar’s office, dealing with financial aid, everyone has been extremely helpful, and I greatly appreciate it. They make you feel like you’ve made the right choice when you chose Central Christian College. And I know I made the right decision because I feel like I belong, so I would highly recommend getting a degree at Central Christian College.”

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