Danny Hackler, BS Criminal Justice

Testimonial from Danny Hackler, a student in the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program

I am a police officer and watched some of my close friends attend CCCK. They rave over how great this college is and how they loved the online learning.

Danny Hackler, BS Criminal Justice

Danny Hackler

This is the first time I started to think about going back to school to get my degree and was since 2010, yeah long time ago. I didn’t do it then because I let my fear of school get in the way. I was not the best at school and struggled with my grades.

So fast forward to 2019 -- a close friend was telling me how he had just got his master’s and how great the college was. He told me it was CCCK, and I told myself right then that God has displayed this school in my life a lot and that it must be a sign for me to go back to school.

I had a lot to think about though. Things like:

  • How am I going to pay for school when l when I don’t even have a savings for my kids to go to college.
  • Time management and being too busy to get schooling done.
  • The fear of failing and being a failure to my kids.

But really, all this was just an excuse for me to put it off.

Online degrees

You see, I was once a high school dropout. I say that because I made the decision not to go back to school in my freshman year, but I had a teacher that believed in me and would not let me quit. During this time, I lost my father and found out he had graduated high school; again, a sign I didn’t see at the time. So this teacher showed up at my door and told me I better be in class by second quarter.

So, I went back and gave 100%, my grades slowly went to A’s and B’s, and boy, let me tell you I was on top of the world -- I was going to make it through school. Why do I bring this up in my testimonial you may ask? Well it’s simple; you see, that teacher that took it upon himself to make sure I made it, changed my opinion on school.

The staffing and college professors here at CCCK remind me of that high school teacher that cared about his students so much he would not let them fail.

I am currently working for my Bachelors in Criminal Justice. I choose this program to help me further my law enforcement career.

I have a dream of becoming a chief of police on day and know this will aid in helping me reach my dream, but the biggest reason is for my kids and my family. I want my kids to see that if I can do it so can they and so can anyone reading this right now. Stop putting excuses in front of you and make it happen just like I did.

I currently have three jobs. I am a full-time police officer where I work 86 hours in a two-week span. I also work two-part time jobs on top of this I have a wife and three kids that want my time as well. How do I make it work?

I believe it has to do with my will power to succeed. I envision myself with all of you receiving our diplomas and that makes me work harder. I cut out lots of wasted time on YouTube, television, etc. and honestly sleep. But I found I was sleeping 15 hours at a time which was way too much. I slept that much because I thought I could and did not see the effect it had on me and life. I dedicate three days a week to school, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. I do my assignments start to finish without any interruptions normally after 8pm when my family is sleeping.

Now, I know this may not work for you all but you can find what works best for you when you put your mind to it. Do not waste any more time -- enroll at CCCK today.

When I applied for this program, I was contacted within a day. The process was not difficult, nor were they pushy.

They did give me a timeline to apply, but they want to make sure you stick to a given time frame.

My student enrollment advisor made me want to start right then. She showed she cared for my success as much as I did and she seen me through it all the way. She told me she believed I could pass all my classes with an A and I have.

I would recommend CCCK to anyone online or on campus. So you can stop looking at other colleges now and start the application for CCCK now. You will be happy you did.

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