Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

I chose CCC because it is a Christian based school and I wanted to learn at a school where not only they are teaching mean the academic information I need to better my professional life, but also a faith-based school which promotes the values that I believe in such as ethics and community leadership.

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Wayne McElheney

During my employment with Brinks Armored - U.S., I was able to recognize and seize counterfeit notes and hidden bills between transfers which saved the company and Federal Mints huge losses.

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Joshua Moss

I chose Central Christian College to pursue my Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice because CCC is a Christian organization and secondly because from the first phone call I felt every one’s eagerness to help me succeed!

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Dustin Musick

The program I am in is right in line with what I am doing right now in my career. I am seeking my BHA and I am a supervisor right now at McPherson Hospital.

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Jeremy Gonsalves

I chose central college because of its beliefs and values.

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Toshehia Wren

student danny hackler

I am a police officer and watched some of my close friends attend Central Christian College of Kansas (CCCK). I listen to them rave over how great this college was and how they loved the online learning.

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Danny Hackler

leeann sherman

I was initially attracted to CCCK’s organizational leadership program due to the line-up of interesting classes. Once I started attending their online classes, I quickly realized my passion for academic writing as well as producing research papers that broadened my scope of knowledge.

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LeeAnn Sherman

I always wanted to be a counselor to help others break the barriers which they do not seem to understand. Therefore, I chose CCCK. I believe that the integration of the Scriptures with Psychology has been the best idea ever. I love telling people about my experience with CCCK because it has been the utmost educational experience I have had.

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Carmen Cruz

I chose Central Christian College of Kansas to pursue my bachelor’s degree because I agree with their four-fit model and the ease of which I can continue my learning. CCCK has made it possible for me to continue working, raising my family, and still pursue the career and degree I dreamed of.

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Holly Morgan