Online Christian Business Administration Bachelors Degree

Online Christian Business Administration Bachelors Degree

How to apply?

  1. Start with an enrollment advisor: Why?
    • Find out if your credits transfer
    • Financial aid options, if any
    • Major core courses and difficulty level
      • How?
        • Use the chat on the website, or
        • Call 1-877-299-1531, or
        • Send an email (here), or
        • Set up a call time on the calendar
  2. Create your account and upload your documents (here)
  3. Get approved and get started (Good Luck!)
Fast Facts
  • 100% Online - 1 Course at a Time!
  • Multiple start dates throughout the year so you can get started sooner
  • Courses are only 6 weeks long
  • Transfer previous college credits to earn your degree faster
  • No transcript or application fees

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