Online Christian Psychology Bachelor's Degree

Online Christian Psychology Bachelor's Degree

Explore the Interplay Between Science and Faith

The science of psychology has long ignored the origins of humanity and has sought to understand existence only through the eyes of modern reasoning. The online Psychology bachelor's degree program is designed to help you see the unique interplay between science and faith – not as an integrative model, but as an essential component of existence. 

The program introduces you to a broad view of the field of psychology, while at the same time providing the expertise needed to excel in the discipline. You interact with many of the major theories and gain an understanding of the role psychology plays within the broader scope of all academic disciplines.

Fast Facts

  • 100% Online
  • Multiple start dates throughout the year so you can get started sooner.
  • Courses that are only 6 weeks long and can be completed 100% online.
  • Asynchronous courses, meaning you can log on whenever it’s convenient.
  • Transfer previous college credits to earn your degree faster.
  • No transcript or application fees.
Program Details

About the Christian BS Psychology Program

Has God called you to counsel His people? If so, our online Christian Psychology degree program was designed with you in mind.

Rather than focusing on just the science of mental health, this online bachelor’s degree in Psychology teaches the unique interplay between science and faith – not as an integrative model, but as an essential component of existence.

As a student, you learn to care for people with mental and emotional disorders, addictions and challenges from a Christian perspective. Upon graduation, you can work under the guidance of a licensed counselor or counsel in your church. You can also go on to earn your master’s degree in Counseling or Psychology. (Your credits will transfer to graduate-level study.)

Our online program is designed to enhance your academic achievements while also allowing you to concentrate on responsibilities at home and on the job.

  • You’ll learn all psychological disorders listed in the DSM-IV (diagnostic manual).
  • You’ll complete a capstone course that showcases your knowledge. This is a great resume addition to propel your professional career.
  • We offer a broad spectrum curriculum that challenges you to explore all aspects of physical and emotional growth and development through the lifespan of a human being.

Check out the Psychology Assignments Student Showcase for insights and examples of CCCK coursework.

Online Psychology Bachelor's Degree Admissions Requirements

  • Completed Application Form
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Higher Education Transcript(s)

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BS Psychology Curriculum

BS Psychology Curriculum

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology program consists of 40 online courses. Each course is six weeks in length, and the program can be completed one course at a time. The time it takes to complete the program is dependent on the number of transfer credits awarded upon enrollment.

►Professionalism and Human Performance (3 credits)

This course provides students with an understanding of the professional (soft skills) required for academic and career success.  Emphasis is on critical thinking, communication (written and oral), research, teambuilding, and leadership skills development.  Other topics include time management, computer proficiency, and developing presentation skills.

►Introduction to Life Coaching (3 credits)

In the helping profession, life coaching is becoming a recognized practice that spans the nuances of pastoral/lay counseling and professional clinical counseling. While many of the skills used in pastoral, life coaching, and clinical counseling are similar, there are differences that must be considered. Through this course, students will have the opportunity to master basic elements of life coaching and become familiar with a biblical framework for interpreting the role of coach.

►Social Psychology (3 credits)

The study of how the individual is influenced in his or her behavior, attitudes, perceptions, emotions, and thoughts by other people.

►Counseling (3 credits)

A combination of theory and practice. Basic listening and counseling skills are stressed and combined with some of the major counseling theories.

►Christian Counseling (3 credits)

This course is designed to introduce the student to basic principles and perspectives related to a Christian approach to counseling and lay counseling. Students will investigate specific responses, based on biblical and theological principles, commonly experienced through the lifespan.  

To view all of our course listings, please see our program guide.


Psychology Career Opportunities

For students drawn towards a cause or driven by a desire to achieve societal change, an online Psychology bachelor's degree opens the door to many career opportunities. It’s also a great degree choice for students who plan to move on to graduate-level psychology studies.

- Social worker                       - Child advocate
- Counselor                             - Career coach
- Caseworker                          - Correctional treatment specialist
- Human service assistant    - Behavioral management aide

For more career information, read our blog post: What Can I Do With a Psychology Degree?


Why Earn Your Online Christian Psychology Bachelors Degree?

The online Christian Psychology Bachelor’s degree holds the balance desired by many psychology professionals today as one of its central pillars. In its tenets, the science of the field and the belief in connecting with humanity are connected to assess and achieve solutions in psychological care.

Within its Christian-center teaching model, Central Christian College's online Christian Psychology degree program prepares its graduates for a dynamic range of professional paths while uniting them with religious morals and principals, affording students the opportunity to cultivate their professional expertise while reconnecting with the Christian faith.

Online Christian Psychology Degree recipients are primed to pursue graduate study in the field, a credential that is typically a prerequisite for licensed positions such as school psychologist or substance abuse counselor. Some might also put their training from an Online Christian Psychology Degree to use within the Christian church.

Complementing the Christian principles that form the basis of Central Christian College's online Psychology degree program is the ultimate convenience it offers to its students. With a program designed for the modern multitasker, Central Christian College's courses can be completed in six-week increments and are offered asynchronously to allow students to accomplish their coursework on their schedule.

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