Christian Organizational Leadership Bachelor's Degree

Christian Organizational Leadership Bachelor's Degree

Online Bachelor's in Organizational Leadership Curriculum

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Career Opportunities in Organizational Leadership

Graduates of this Bachelor of Science in Business – Organizational Leadership online degree program position themselves for leadership roles. Professionals with a bachelor's degree can earn on average well over $1 million more than high school graduates during their working lives.

Specific high-growth organizational leadership careers include:

  • Executive management
  • Nonprofit and community leadership
  • Public administration
  • Human resources
  • Consulting

5 Strategies to Improve Organizational Effectiveness

Obtaining a career as a business professional after completing a higher education in organizational leadership online provides an opportunity to focus on improving the effectiveness of the company. 

Organizational effectiveness relates to the efficiency of a business; however, a professional must also focus on quality services. The key to organizational effectiveness is using the right tools and strategies to accomplish a specific goal.

Why Earn Your Organizational Leadership Degree Online?


If you are looking to become a leader, increase your salary potential and enjoy a fulfilling career, consider earning a bachelor of science in Organizational Leadership. Earning an online bachelor's degree in organizational leadership can put you on the fast track to a rewarding position in human resources, change management, business administration and beyond.

For those who are not satisfied with the status quo and are looking for an employment opportunity that will fuel your leadership skills, our online organizational leadership degree is the answer. Your online bachelor of science in Organizational Leadership will equip you with the business acumen and interpersonal skills necessary to meet the rigors of the modern marketplace. The program's graduates obtain employment in a variety of roles as managers, supervisors and other leadership positions in the private sphere as well as the public sector. These professionals work in fields like Organization Management, Business Analysis, Training and Development and Human Resources.

CCCK's online bachelor’s in organizational leadership will provide you with the skills employers need today and far into the future, and to establish yourself as a dynamic force in your company’s culture. 

organizational leadership degree graduation: LeeAnn Sherman walking in May 2019 Graduation Ceremony on Campus at Central Christian College of Kansas. Photo by Aaron Lindberg Photography.

Student Testimonial

"Having completed my undergraduate degree in Business at CCCK allowed doors to open for me at my current place of employment. Shortly after graduating with a 3.99 GPA, I was promoted into the Marketing Communications department where I am now in charge of our global brand positioning and our communication initiatives. Completing my degree helped me launch my career in the direction that I had always desired." - LeeAnn Sherman-Dembinsky, Bachelor of Science in Business (Organizational Leadership and Psychology). Read full article... LeeAnn's experience

Disclaimer: LeeAnn is an employee of a CCCK partner company

Wayne McElheney profile image

I chose CCC because it is a Christian-based school. I wanted to learn at a school that teaches the academic information I need to better my professional life, but also a faith-based school which promotes the values that I believe in such as ethics and community leadership.

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Wayne McElheney, BS Organizational Leadership

LeeAnn Sherman, BS Organizational Leadership

I was attracted to CCCK’s organizational leadership program due to the interesting classes. Once I started attending online classes, I realized my passion for academic writing.

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LeeAnn Sherman, BS Organizational Leadership

I chose central college because of its beliefs and values.

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Toshehia Wren, BS Psychology