Associate of Arts Degree Online

Associate of Arts Degree Online

Quickly Earn Your College Degree

  • Multiple start dates throughout the year so you can get started sooner.
  • Courses that are only 6 weeks long and can be completed 100% online.
  • Asynchronous courses, meaning you can log online whenever it’s convenient.
  • Transfer previous college credits to earn your degree faster.
  • No transcript or application fees.

No matter your long-term professional goals, earning an Associate of Arts degree online is a great way to boost your salary and job security, and show employers you can set and complete career-specific goals.

Earning an Associate of Arts degree also provides you a solid foundation for further education in the social sciences, history, natural sciences, mathematics, humanities and more! 

Program Details

Associate of Arts Degree Program Goals

  • Gain a strong foundation in computing and writing.
  • Enhance communication and critical-thinking skills.
  • Broaden your understanding of the world.
  • Understand the qualities and attributes of professionalism.
  • Commit to CCCK’s Fit Four principles.

Associate of Arts Degree Online Admissions Requirements

  • Completed Application Form
  • High School Diploma or GED

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AA Program Tracks

Choose One of the Following Online Associate of Arts Elective Tracks:

Psychology                           - Healthcare Management
Business Management     - Business

You can also earn your Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice.

Find out more about these elective tracks below.


Associate of Arts Curriculum

Associate of Arts Degree Online Curriculum

General Education Core (45 Credits)
Elective Track (15 Credits)

►Professionalism and Human Performance (3 credits)

This course provides students with an understanding of the professional (soft skills) required for academic and career success.  Emphasis is on critical thinking, communication (written and oral), research, teambuilding, and leadership skills development.  Other topics include time management, computer proficiency, and developing presentation skills.

►English Composition I (3 credits)

Instruction and practice in personal expository essays and paragraphs, with emphasis on correct writing.

►Wellness for Life (3 credits)

This course introduces the student to basic life wellness concepts and practices. Through the course the student will gain applicable tools for self-assessment related to physical well-being and be equipped with the tools necessary to create healthy life patterns.

►Introduction to Biblical Literature (3 credits)

The purpose of this course is to provide the student an opportunity to gain an awareness of the contents of the Bible, the societies in which it was produced, and the contribution that it has made to history, culture, and the personal spiritual lives of individuals.

►Contemporary Culture and Worldview (3 credits)

This course is designed to help the student identify the diversity of cultures and worldviews in today's society, develop an ability to assess the cultural systems and acquire an ability to respond to different cultures from a theistic perspective.

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Associate of Arts Career Opportunities

People with Associate of Arts degrees work in every industry – from healthcare to technology, business, finance, protective services and transportation. Professionals with an associate degree earn an estimated $325,000 more in a lifetime than those with just a high school diploma. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, AA degree job opportunities are expected to grow by 17.6% through 2022 – making it the second fastest growing educational group.


Why Earn an Online Associate of Arts Degree?

The Online Associate of Arts degree is a well-rounded program that provides students with an overview into the professional world while allowing them to specialize in a niche area that will assist them in boosting their career potential. This online Associate of Arts degree program requires students to complete 60 credit hours prior to graduation. Given the fact that it is an online program, students are able to create their own curriculum track and can design their own path to success.

Our Online Associate of Arts degree offers a competitive tuition rate of $425 per credit hour. As an online associate's degree program, there are fewer credit hours required to complete this specific degree. If you are interested in forging a new career path, then the online Associate of Arts degree online might be the right choice for you. 

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