How to Balance Work, Family and Earn an BBA degree

How to Balance Work, Family and Earn an BBA degree

How to Balance Work, Family and Earn an BBA degree
How to Balance Work, Family and Earn an BBA degree

There is no one path to a successful business career, but adding a bachelor of business administration (BBA) degree to your credentials can be an incredible asset as you advance your career . Degrees like the program offered by Central Christian College of Kansas can help you develop the skill sets crucial to business success, including leadership abilities, communication skills, organizational talents, and mastery of the overall inner workings of the business world. How, though, can you work toward your bachelor of business administration online while also juggling your professional and personal commitments?

In this article, we explore the return on investment that an BBA degree can bring, including the boost in skills and salary, to underscore why this degree should be an accomplishment that you consider as you set yourself on course for professional growth. We also offer some strategies to balance your commitments to family and friends with your professional aspirations so that earning your degree can fit into your life.

  1. The Benefits of an Online BBA
  2. The Outlook for Online BBA Opportunities and Salaries
  3. Finding the Right Balance
  4. Online BBA with Central Christian College of Kansas

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The Benefits of an Online BBA

Few undergraduate degrees are considered as versatile as an online BBA degree because it opens up many avenues for career development. There is a myriad of potential roles you could pursue with your bachelor of business administration in hand, but some of the more popular fields include:

  • Finance: Do you enjoy working with numbers and want to make a difference for a company’s bottom line? This degree can set you on course for exciting roles as an accountant or a financial advisor.
  • Marketing: If your goal is to contribute to a company’s public image, professional reputation or revenue growth, an online business degree can be a route to becoming a marketing or public relations specialist where you can make important decisions on everything from branding to advertisement campaigns.
  • Human Resources: Do you enjoy thinking about the overall collegiality of a business or want to contribute to building and maintaining professional teams who can “get the job done”? Many human resources positions begin with this degree.
  • Managerial/Entrepreneurial Roles: Have you always wanted to take charge at work by leading campaigns or overseeing professional teams? Online bachelor of business administration degrees can lay the foundations for you to excel as a team manager or as a leader of your own company.

Beyond the preparation for such specific business roles, this business degree can also reinforce core concepts that can be beneficial across a myriad of professional fields. These include desirable “soft skills” such as:

  • Leadership: Online BBA programs often instill the ability to effectively and efficiently guide a team through constructive feedback and guidance.
  • Communication: Being able to express concepts clearly and listen effectively are also talents that an online business degree can reinforce.
  • Professionalism: Online business degree courses can help you enhance your ability to perform in a professional manner, from drafting workplace emails to colleagues or superiors, to effectively leading a meeting.
  • Creativity: Students who complete their business degree can learn new strategies for presenting new, innovative solutions to problems they will encounter in future roles.

These are some of the most desirable skills that companies seek in candidates entering the job market today. In fact, noted that creativity has been the most desired skill among recruiters and human resource departments for the past two years.

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The Outlook for Online BBA Opportunities and Salaries

Aside from the skills attainable through an online business degree, those who accomplish their online BBA can set themselves on course for lucrative careers in high demand. reports that the average salary for those with a bachelor of business administration degree is roughly $66,224, with those who assume managerial roles often hitting higher annual averages. For example, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (USBLS) reports that the median annual salary for human resources managers topped $116,720 in 2019.

Also encouraging is the faster-than-average growth in many fields where a business degree graduate might seek work. The USBLS reported at-average or faster-than-average projected growth in available jobs in the following fields by 2029: 

With this kind of growth and salary opportunities, many are pursuing an online business degree to maximize career options and potential.

In many cases, working professionals would like to complete their education but then life gets in the way. The good news is that online business degrees like the program offered by Central Christian College of Kansas offers an exceptional way to complete your degree while also keeping up with any professional and personal obligations.

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Finding the Right Balance

Success in business can stem from completing your online bachelor of business administration, but it is also essential that you take good care of yourself and feel like you can accomplish your goals professionally while also being present for your family and friends. Let’s look at some of the ways you can strike a balance between these aspects of your life.  

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Balancing Work Life

Key to managing a full career while completing your online degree means making sure that you meet your deadlines and achieve your goals while not overextending yourself. Two of the best strategies to keep this balance include:

Keeping Your Expectations Realistic

Often, ambitious business professionals want to dive in and take on every challenge presented to them. Wanting to dive in is admirable and can help carry your career forward, but you’ll also need to respect the fact that there are only so many hours in a day. Some of those hours will need to be devoted to your online bachelor of business administration classes and homework.

Sometimes it helps to position your online coursework as your next professional challenge and commit to its completion as you would a new project in the office. This means setting aside adequate time you need to complete your degree milestones. It might also mean sacrificing some time with family and friends to meet your curricular deadlines. Giving up a little while you complete your online bachelor of business administration can mean gaining a lot in your future professional development. You can share these goals with your loved ones and friends so that they will understand when you miss a family event or social outing.

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Master Time Management

Now that you’ve established the need to set time aside for your online degree, you should also identify ways to maximize your time. Mastering time management means you can be confident that you are using your study time with optimum efficiency. Some straightforward strategies to this end include:

  • Set Up a Schedule: Mark your weekly calendar with the time you will devote to your studies each week. Try to keep them consistent week-to-week so you can establish a routine. That way, your coursework will not seem like an added task but rather just a natural part of your day.
  • Type Up Your Task List: Having a live list of the goals you wish to accomplish each week can help you organize your workload and feel in control of your coursework. Such lists also have the added benefit of giving you a sense of accomplishment each time you complete a task.
  • Sign Up for Study Buddy Apps: Use technology to your advantage while you are completing your online degree. Applications like Evernote and StudyBlue are specifically designed to help you consolidate and organize your notes and course materials.

Feeling like you are the master of your own time can be empowering, particularly when you are juggling the various facets of your personal and professional life while completing your degree.

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Balancing Home Life

While you are working to take the next steps in your professional development, you might find that you are devoting too much time to your studies and your career while letting time for yourself and your loved ones fall to the wayside. You can avoid this by incorporating these practices:

Set Aside Self-Care Time

Taking time for yourself is one of the most important tips for balancing your online degree with all the other aspects of your life. Embracing the value of self-care means you are taking the time to disconnect from your obligations and check in with yourself.

Self-care time is essential for your wellbeing and gives you some mental and emotional space to check in on how you are faring. It can also be a space for you to reflect upon and process what you are learning, thereby allowing you space to fully digest new theories or practices. You work hard every day to achieve new professional heights, so you deserve some time to unwind and refresh.

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Say Yes to Support

Earlier we mentioned the value of sharing your dedication to completing your online degree with your family and friends, which can be valuable so that they can understand and support you during the process. We suggest building a robust support network that can help you if any challenges or issues arise during your online BBA program.

Even the most organized professional student can experience roadblocks, so having a support network in place can help you overcome those obstacles with relative ease. Knowing that these individuals stand behind you can inspire you to keep working toward your educational and professional goals. 

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Online BBA with Central Christian College of Kansas

If you are ready to find out what an online BBA can do for your career development, now is the time to learn about the amazing opportunities available at Central Christian College of Kansas. A post-secondary institution whose history stretches back nearly 140 years, Central Christian College of Kansas has distinguished itself for its excellent degree paths designed to support future professional success.

CCCK’s online bachelor of business administration degree program incorporates both the traditional principles and the current trends and advances of the business field. Students who graduate with their degree feel primed with skills and concepts that take their career to the next level. The curriculum alone distinguishes it from other programs, but additional benefits include:

  • A 100% online bachelor of business administration program
  • Students take only two courses per 15-week term, to coordinate with your busy schedule and to contribute to a healthy balance between your personal and professional obligations
  • Dedicated admissions counselors and advisors guide you on your academic path
  • Students may transfer up to 90 credits, allowing you to earn your degree faster
  • Outstanding faculty members who are leaders in their field bring their practical experience into the online classroom every day

The result is that students in Central Christian College of Kansas’ distinctive online BBA program can accelerate their career while still taking time for other professional and personal commitments.

To learn more, visit the Central Christian College of Kansas Online Bachelor of Business Administration page.

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