7 Careers that Require a Human Services Degree

7 Careers that Require a Human Services Degree

online human services bachelor's degree
online human services bachelor's degree

A Bachelor’s of Science in Health and Human Services Degree prepares graduates to create positive change in society and serve communities by connecting underserved populations such as children, the disabled, the elderly, at-risk youth, and those in need with community and family resources and support services.


Careers in health and human services focus on the basic needs, including the health and well-being of people within a community, access to social services and resources, as well as preventing and solving related problems. If you are passionate about helping others and have a desire to bring about change in your community, a role in health and human services may be an excellent fit for you.


What can you do with a human services degree

What Can I Do with A Human Services Degree?

With a Bachelor's in Human and Health Services (BSHHS) Degree, you can explore many different career paths in the health and human services space. There is no shortage of opportunities available to you. Here are seven careers that require a Bachelor's in Health and Human Services:

  1. Career counselor
  2. Caseworker
  3. Family/Social Services Manager
  4. Child Welfare Specialist
  5. Mental Health Technician
  6. Correctional Treatment Specialist
  7. Elder-care Services Worker

No matter the career path you take, you will be positively impacting the people you work with and the community. Read more to determine which profession best suits your needs and interests.


career counselor at the central christian college kansas

Career Counselor

According to the latest unemployment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in August of 2019, six million Americans were unemployed—or 3.7 percent. It's clear from this data that there is a need for career counselors to provide support to people who are struggling to find long-term employment. It's no surprise that the median annual wage for career counselors was $56,310 in 2018 and that the job outlook from 2018-2028 is a positive one with an 8% growth rate (faster than average). Therefore, it's a great time to explore a career as a career counselor and help the present and future generations to find the right job.


Donna Sweidan, a certified career coach, says that her "goal is to support people in making informed decisions about their career development and trajectory, as well as offer various tools that they can use—résumés, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles—to meet those goals." You help people on their career journey so they can continue to thrive in the community.

Bachelor of science in human services

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Case Worker

In your role as a caseworker, your job duties will vary depending on the environment. You may choose to work in a government agency, nonprofit organization, health care facility, or residential center. However, no matter the setting, job duties may include:

  • Assessing the needs of your clients
  • Referrals to community agencies
  • Coordination of care providers
  • Listening to client concerns
  • Information sharing

A caseworker is responsible for developing a plan based on the needs of their client. An example is if a client needs a referral to participate in or access a parental support group, transitional housing, or employment services. A caseworker is an essential job in the community and requires excellent problem-solving, communication and leadership skills.


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Social Services Manager

A social services manager is an important position in a community. It’s one that improves the welfare of others by leading and coordinating community programs while advocating for the needs of the public. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, social services managers earn an average yearly salary of $67,730 in the United States. The federal government employs the highest-paid social services managers who make an average salary of $96,730 a year. Your responsibilities as a social services manager include:

  • Identifying in-need services
  • Designing outreach initiatives
  • Gathering data on community impact
  • Analyzing program effectiveness
  • Implementing improvements
  • Planning and managing budgets
  • Grant writing and funding proposals

Social services managers can make a positive impact in the communities in which they work by leading programs  and organizing initiatives that address the needs of that community.


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Child Welfare Specialist

As a child welfare specialist, your job is to serve children and families who are in crisis or dealing with extreme problems. These problems can include poverty, unemployment, substance abuse, domestic violence and mental illness. Though this career path can be rewarding, it will require you to deal with complex situations. Many child welfare specialists work in the following areas:

Child Protective Services

Job Responsibilities

  • Manage a caseload of children and families, gather information, testify in court cases, make referrals to community providers, and complete assessments and investigations

Pregnancy Planning

Job Responsibilities

  • Work with families to develop treatment plans, complete court reports, attend court hearings, and testify in cases

Adoption Services

Job Responsibilities

  • Identify adoptive homes for children, assist adoptive families, establish medical services, and more

Foster Care

Job Responsibilities

  • Interview and assess families applying to the family's background, history, financial situation, relationship status, and more.


In the job of a child welfare specialist, you have the opportunity to work in a variety of different environments. You have the potential to  make a positive impact in a child's life by making important decisions that will affect their future.


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Mental Health Technician

If you are compassionate and empathetic and wish to pursue a career as a mental health technician, also known as a psychiatric technician, your day will be spent tending to patients with physical and emotional needs. These patients may also deal with mental or cognitive disabilities.


Doctors and nurses will rely on you to provide accurate observations, and documentation on your patient's mood, mental sharpness, sleep patterns, and eating habits. You have to build a trusting relationship with your clients and show compassion for them in times of need. Depending on your area of interest, mental health technicians may work in hospitals, clinics, halfway houses, chemical dependency units or special-needs schools.


The annual salary of a mental health technician is nearly $76K, as calculated from the hourly rate indicated by indeed.com. However, the career as a mental health technician is still in-demand and continues to grow as the population ages.


correctional treatment specialist at the central christian college kansas

Correctional Treatment Specialist

Correctional treatment specialists work alongside a department's probation and parole officers and offer inmates support with counseling, education, and employment plans to prepare them for a successful release into society. The job duties include:

  • Interviewing inmates and consult with correctional officers, supervisory personnel, and clinical psychologists to evaluate an inmate's progress
  • Studying inmate's behavior
  • Writing case plans used in parole hearings
  • Helping inmates with job skills and finding employment before their release

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states the median annual wage for correctional treatment specialists was $53,020 as of May 2018. Correctional treatment specialists play an essential role in ensuring inmates reintegrate into society and contribute to the well-being of the community.


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Elder-care Services Worker

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that in the United States "the share of elderly persons has risen from about 9 percent of the population to 13 percent, and is projected to increase to 16 percent by 2020." With this said, elder-care services workers (also known as elder care specialists, elder care managers, geriatric care managers and aging life care specialists), will be in high demand as the population ages. The job duties of an elder-care services worker include:

  • Determining the services required to meet the needs of their client
  • Helping individuals secure funding for the services they require
  • Helping clients receive the services they need day-to-day
  • Locating healthcare, transportation, or medical services

According to comparably.com, the national average annual salary for an elder care specialist is $32,032.


It's crucial to have excellent problem-solving skills in this role and make sound decisions to provide the right services for your clients.


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Considering the Central Christian College of Kansas

If any of the jobs mentioned caught your interest, it's crucial to find a program that best suits your career goals and ambitions. The Central Christian College of Kansas' Online Bachelor's Degree in Health and Human Services will prepare you to enter any one of these careers.


We offer elective tracks that focus on Community and Family Services, Health Services, Correctional/Justice, Psychology and Coaching, and more. Our program attracts individuals who strive for a career in higher-level management. You will often spend less time working one-on-one with individuals, and more time planning for the needs of the organization. The benefits of our Online Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Services Degree program include:

  • 100% online coursework
  • Multiple start dates throughout the year
  • Each course is 6-weeks
  • No transcript or application fees
  • Generous transfer credit policy

If you aspire to be a leader in the human services field and provide help and support to communities who need it most, find out more about our program. It's your time to start pursuing an impactful career in human services today.

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