Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Speak to An Advisor

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Speak to An Advisor

Speak to A Central Christian College Advisor
Speak to A Central Christian College Advisor

As a prospective online college student, considering all of your degree options can be an overwhelming endeavor filled with excitement, concern and a ton of questions. Your college education is a significant investment in yourself and your future, that’s why it’s important you make an informed decision by seeking all the assistance you can get.


Admission advisors (also known as enrollment advisors, academic advisors, course advisors, and program specialists) are here to help. As your first point of contact, they can help guide you through the admissions process so you can be armed with the information and tools you need to confidently take the next steps in your educational journey. Often potential students overlook the value in connecting with an advisor, although advisors can assist you in many different capacities.

Speak to a central christian college advisor


Here are the top 5 reasons why you should talk to an advisor if you are considering pursuing an  online Associates or Bachelor’s Degree:


  1. They Can Help You Choose The Right Program

Their primary role is to help you gain a better understanding of program offerings to help you choose the right one that aligns with your career aspirations. Course advisors have in-depth knowledge about our online degree programs and can offer you the best possible guidance and advice. They help potential students by giving them one-on-one information about the program structure, outcomes, curriculum, major core classes, difficulty levels, start dates, faculty information, tuition details and valuable insights on the online learning environment and length to completion, among many other things.


They also make it easy to communicate. Based on your personal preferences, you can email, text, video Skype, or talk on the phone.


When you’re equipped with more details about your options, you will have a better sense of which online degree program, such as those offered by Central Christian College of Kansas, are best suited for your strengths and future goals.


  1. They Can Help You Fully Understand the Admissions Requirements and Application Process

Another important aspect of the advisor’s job is to assist you with admission advising. Advisors can help you determine if you qualify for credit transfers based on any previous education and training you may have had, and will help you determine how long the program will take you to complete. Each program is different with varying requirements, so consulting with an advisor to determine the most feasible path is crucial. They know exactly what you need, so don’t shy away from asking them about the process.

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  1. They Can Help You Determine  Eligibility for Financial Aid

Once you decide to apply, advisors can help you determine how to pay for your education, including financial and tuition aid options and military benefits. Many students use financial aid to pay for their college education. At Central Christian College of Kansas for example, 97% of students use some sort of financial aid. Advisors can guide you through the financial aid process to see if you qualify and help determine how much financial aid you may be rewarded. This way you will be in the best possible position before submitting your admission application.


  1. They Can Help You Build The Strongest Application Possible

Advisors are experts in helping you confirm your eligibility to meet the program requirements for admission and will help you to build the strongest application possible. This means they will make sure your application is prepared for academic review by checking your educational background against the predetermined admissions requirements and course prerequisites. They will also let you know if you need to submit any additional documents in order to complete your application file.


  1. They Can Provide You Up-to-the-minute Updates About the Status of Your Application

Advisors understand enrollment is sometimes time-sensitive, or that you may be anxious to hear how everything is progressing. That’s why they provide up-to-the-minute updates regarding the status of your admissions application, transcript requests, financial aid eligibility and amount awarded, among other important information.


speak to a central christian college advisor


What About When You’re Accepted Into the Program?

Upon your acceptance into the program, an advisor will introduce you to a dedicated student success advisor who will help you register for classes and provide support services to ensure your success from the first day of classes through graduation day and beyond.


Student Success Advisors: Your Success is Our Goal!

As an online CCCK student, you can count on your student success advisor to help you process on the pathway toward success. Student success advisors are not only there to check-in on how you are progressing in your classes and discuss assignments in detail they are also there to talk and support you through any personal or professional challenges, difficulties, or barriers you may be facing that may stop you from reaching your educational goals.


Student success advisors are there to help you balance personal responsibilities and obligations with your academic goals, maintain a healthy work-life schedule, improve time management skills, and discuss anxieties or any other concerns you may have about pursuing an online college degree. Student success advisors help to round out your online educational experience and serve as your direct liaison to the program faculty and staff. Student advisors will also connect you to the same support services and resources residency students enjoy, including access to the CCCK Writing Center, free writing support from writing coaches, free 24-hour online tutoring services, plus career services including assessment, planning, exploration and more. 


Supportive student success advisors at Central Christian College of Kansas want the best for your future and can help you find solutions to make sure you are set for success and are progressing in the right direction for graduation. 


speak to central christian college advisor


Get The Most Out of Your CCCK Education

Ultimately, the best reason you should talk to an enrollment advisor today is to make the most out of your associates or bachelor’s degree. Advisors will be able to help you figure out what skills, subjects, courses and training experiences you need to be career-ready.


It is important to think about your overall master plan which includes your life after graduation. An admissions advisor will be able to have these discussions with you in order to match your educational goals to your career ambitions. Ask questions so you can utilize and explore all opportunities and resources to fulfill your experience. 


Learn More About CCCK’s Online Degree Programs By Talking To An Advisor


Enrollment advisors at Central Christian College of Kansas are ready to answer your call and help you in the pursuit of your professional dreams, contact us today!

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