Student Testimonial - Joshua Moss - Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Student Testimonial - Joshua Moss - Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

  • Why did you choose Central Christian College of Kansas to pursue your bachelor’s degree?

    • I wanted to be able to express my religious views in God without prejudice. My parents had also attended Christian colleges and I wanted to follow suit.
    • Many aspects of Criminal Justice pertain to faith or a belief system and I wanted to incorporate that into my assignments where others of the like knew and encouraged the same feelings.
    • I also believed that you offered a fair cost in tuition that I could afford. I knew that my G.I.-9/11 Bill would be at its end before I could complete this course of study.

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  • What about the program is significant to you and why? (i.e. coursework, faculty, student support, real-world application, etc.)

    • Living in Missouri, I knew I needed to remain online. Several searches regarding the best online colleges indicated CCCK being near or at the top with accreditation. I knew I had to attend somewhere with such certificates since I will someday be teaching a Criminal Justice course of study.
    • Additionally, I loved the idea of a six week course. With a full time job, spouse and three children; quick and direct “must know” material to learn was important.  
  • When you applied for this program, what was your enrollment experience like?

    • Kudos to Meghan Moore, she never stopped calling so she could quickly transition me between a local community college to CCCK. For a few months, I ignored Meghan’s calls due to both of my Grandparents passing, leaving me the only one to deal with their final arrangements.
    • I thought of giving up on the next step toward a degree but, Meghan did not give up on me and if the staff has this kind of enthusiasm, what better place to attend.     
  • Would you recommend CCCK Online?

    • I mention as often as I can that I am taking online courses through CCCK and how smooth the experience is! Some people fear a Christian College but, I explain that you do not force Christian beliefs onto the student but encourage the expression of their worldviews.
    • Some people think they are too old for online but, I explain the Zoom Sessions and what a vast spread of ages attend.
  • What surprised you the most as a CCCK online student?

    • The Zoom Sessions were new for me but it has been a great tool that helps you put a face with a name as well as develop a personal connection to the instructor.
    • I also began to see how these instructors, Professors or Doctors are all over the globe and from diverse backgrounds in education or careers. Their experiences are not limited to where your computer sits and have opened the hearts and minds of many students, including myself.
  • Would you recommend Central Christian College of Kansas to someone who is considering a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Degree? Why?

    • Absolutely! These instructors are not fresh graduates that majored in pop culture and now demonstrate shuffleboard. These instructors have had or are currently living the curriculum they are teaching.
    • This is very important regarding the trust the student wants to have with the teacher because the student will know they are being guided in the right direction. When you learn from someone that has been there, done that and has the T-Shirt, you are more likely to listen attentively.  
  • What is the support like from the faculty and your student support advisor?

    • Paying for this degree weighed on my thoughts often but the financial aid department handles any concern quickly, is accepting to my questions and maintains constant communication!
    • Regarding communication, Sara Smits & Rose Epp have been an invaluable resource to me for even staying in school. Though the six week course is efficient, it can be emotionally and mentally taxing.
    • Sara for certain can pull you out of the slump in the way she reminds you of your calendar (i.e. – your halfway there and there is a break coming soon emails).  
  • Have you been able to integrate any learnings from the program into your current job? - What are some examples?

    • Yes. During an International Policing… Crime course with Professor Susan Nitsch, I was able to better identify some new trends that international criminals are using to launder and transport large sums of currency across borders.
    • During my employment with Brinks Armored - U.S., I was able to recognize and seize counterfeit notes and hidden bills between transfers which saved the company and Federal Mints huge losses.

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