What Sets CCCK's Online Health and Human Services Program Apart?

What Sets CCCK's Online Health and Human Services Program Apart?

What Sets CCCK's Online Health and Human Services Program Apart?
What Sets CCCK's Online Health and Human Services Program Apart?

As the healthcare industry continues to grow, job demand for health and human services professionals will also continue to grow. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that between 2016-2026, we’ll see a (faster-than-average) 16% increase in the number of new jobs available for those qualified to serve and lead in health and human services-related roles.


To take advantage of the growing job market and gain expertise as a health and human services professional, Central Christian College of Kansas (CCCK) offers an Online Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Services (BSHHS) degree that can help you advance your career to the next level. This article highlights how CCCK's online BS in Health and Human Services degree helps to lay down a strong foundation for your professional success in the health and human services field.


Compassion and Interpersonal Skills

The ability to connect and communicate effectively with others is essential for a successful career in health and human services.  In professional roles such as social workers or community outreach managers, you will need to communicate as you work to build a trust-based relationship with those who come to you for assistance. This level of connection can also be helpful when advocating on the individual's behalf.


CCCK's Health and Human Services program curriculum helps you to develop these skills through courses that emphasize the value of interpersonal relationships and key strategies to help you effectively navigate and accommodate a client's needs, as well as how to be their best advocate.


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Another key pillar for professional success in the health and human services field is a strong moral and ethical framework. It is imperative for those in professional roles such as a substance abuse counselor or marriage counselor that you are prepared to uphold the highest standards for professionalism and confidentiality. It is equally important that you act in a manner that in the best interest of everyone involved.


Courses such as Legal and Ethical Issues in Human Services allow students the opportunity to learn about key ethical issues that may emerge in various human services roles so that you are prepared to put them into practice from the very outset.


At the same time, CCCK upholds the importance of ethical practice through its Christian faith-based educational focus. This core value is embedded into the entire framework of the CCCK online educational experience – from the curriculum to the faculty to the online student community.



Foundations for Further Study

For those seeking to pursue management or executive-level careers in the health and human services field, a graduate degree may be required. Social workers, for example, may be required to attain additional licensure through the completion of a graduate degree to practice independently.


Regardless of your previous educational experience or where your educational goals might take you, you can rest assured that CCCK's online BSHHS degree program offers an excellent and well-rounded educational foundation for any professional career in the health and human services industry. Gain an immediate workplace advantage when you enroll in the program, and graduate prepared to tackle exciting new roles or use your experience in the online Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Services program as a stepping stone for your master’s degree.



Perhaps one of the best features of CCCK's online BSHHS degree is the ultimate flexibility and convenience that it affords today’s modern, multitasking student. CCCK understands that many students balance a multitude in their daily lives, such as managing a full-time job and meeting family obligations and personal responsibilities, which can make going back to school a challenging decision.


CCCK puts earning your bachelor's degree within reach. Our Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Services degree is delivered in a convenient 100% online format and features no mandatory class login times, allowing you the flexibility to complete coursework and assignments at your own pace. Online students take only one six-week course at a time, allowing you the opportunity to focus on and better understand the course materials as well as receive guidance and support from a dedicated Student Success Advisor. Finally, CCCK offers multiple start dates throughout the year so that you can start on the path to earning your online Bachelor of Science in human services degree when it’s best for you.


Many schools offer health and human services degrees, but CCCK's online BSHHS degree provides a unique experience with perks that go beyond the traditional academic setting. If you are ready to transform your future in the field of health and human services, CCCK can help you achieve it. Request more information to learn more today.

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