What Are Some Jobs in the Human Services Field?

What Are Some Jobs in the Human Services Field?

What Are Some Jobs in the Human Services Field
What Are Some Jobs in the Human Services Field

Human services is a broad career field based on helping individuals and populations meet their needs through prevention, identification, and resolution of problems to help them achieve a better quality of life. 

The human services field involves many different disciplines, including psychologists, social workers, human services assistants, and various types of healthcare workers.

Human services jobs often require a Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Services. Graduates typically work in nonprofit organizations, government agencies, private agencies, and professional offices.

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Human Services Degree Jobs

Human Services Assistant

Social and human services assistants can work for a broad range of organizations, including psychologist’s offices, rehabilitation centers, and social work centers. Human services assistants help their clients receive the services and benefits they need to improve their lives. 

Human Services assistants are frequently a first point of contact with the community and may perform various reception or administrative duties in this capacity. Social workers may assess clients to determine their needs with a social services assistant helping arrange for the client to receive the services.  

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that this career field is expected to grow 16% through 2026, much faster than the average job growth rate.

Case Manager

Case managers often work in conjunction with social workers and mental health professionals who see large numbers of patients that need assistance. Case managers arrange and manage services and benefits to meet the comprehensive health needs of their clients, as well as promote patient safety, improve quality of care, and provide cost effective outcomes. Case managers may also help clients arrange for transportation to and from their appointments, depending on their needs.

Case managers earn an excellent human services degree salary of nearly $40,000 and can earn up to $63,000 with plenty of experience in their field.

Community Outreach Manager

Community outreach managers typically work for nonprofit organizations that provide services to the community. They plan and organize outreach strategies that will attract clients and groups in need of the services provided by the organization. 

Community outreach managers can enjoy a rewarding career helping to bridge the gap between communities in need and the services their organization provides. Many outreach managers begin their careers as social or human services assistants.

Child Welfare Advocate

Graduates who possess a bachelor of science in health and human services are also eligible for many child welfare advocate positions. Child welfare advocates are necessary to protect children’s’ rights. 

Many young clients of child welfare advocates are in the foster care system and need an adult to provide the court system information and recommendations regarding their living situation. Child welfare advocates also assist in determining whether or not a child’s home is safe for them to stay in.

Community Health Worker

Community health workers typically work in government or nonprofit agencies, helping collect information on the health needs of different populations. They may also help with the agency’s outreach efforts to connect with more individuals who may require assistance with their needs. 

Community health workers often also serve as health educators, helping to educate the public about nutrition, and efforts they can take to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, community health workers and health educators earned a median annual salary of $46,080 in 2018. In addition, this career field is expected to achieve 16% job growth through 2026.

Ready to Take on a Rewarding Career?

Earning an online Bachelor’s of Science in Health and Human Services is an excellent way to begin a rewarding career serving others in need. Human services jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree often lead to promotions to higher positions after several years of experience.

Central Christian College of Kansas offers an online Bachelor’s in Health and Human Services degree that opens many opportunities in the human and social services field, as well as the opportunity to pursue higher education. 

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