Exploring the Demand for Business Degree Holders

Exploring the Demand for Business Degree Holders

Exploring the Demand for Business Degree Holders
Exploring the Demand for Business Degree Holders

Business administration continues to be a top major for college students, and with good reason. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the demand for business-related careers is set to grow manifold.

NACE’s Job Outlook 2018 survey shows that while technology careers have been a significant focus in recent years, companies are back to seeking a variety of business-related majors. In fact, business administration/management ranked #3 on NACE’s 2018 survey.

With a bachelor's degree in business administration or business administration management, students gain the flexibility to apply for a variety of jobs across industries. At Central Christian College of Kansas, students have the opportunity to complete an online business management degree with specializations in management, human resource management or accounting, which allow them to tailor their degree to meet their career goals.

Why Business Administration?

When it is time to choose a major for college, many students lean towards subjects that offer post-graduation preparedness, a strong career outlook, and sound financial prospects. With a business administration degree, students have the opportunity to achieve success in all three of these areas.

The option of an online business degree has additional benefits since students have the opportunity to work and learn at the same time. They gain valuable knowledge and business insights as they continue to build on their experience.

Career Options

After completing a business administration degree online, students will have many options for careers that span local corporations to Fortune 500 companies. Potential careers include jobs in sales, finance, human resource management, healthcare, marketing, food service management, and customer service management among others. Their exposure to a variety of specializations in the business world prepares them for these diverse opportunities.

Career Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects business and financial positions to grow 10% (from 2016 – 2026), adding over 700,000 jobs. Within these jobs, it is likely that accountants and marketing research analysts will be in high demand, along with roles that strongly focus on understanding customers.

While the demand is great for business school students, it also means that competition is going to become tougher for job seekers. Internships, impressive grades, and strong interview skills are essential to consider when applying for positions to stand out from the competition.

Salary Expectations

With increasing student loan debt, students are searching for a career path that is going to offer financial stability. The good news is students who study business administration can kick off their careers with strong foundational knowledge in business theory, practice and in-demand skills.

While the pay will vary depending on job location, industry, and job title, students with business administration degrees can expect to earn an average of $61,000 annually according to PayScale.

It is common for business administration students to begin in entry-level roles, and over time grow into management positions that will lead to higher paychecks. The availability and growth prospects are attractive to students who are looking to have a stable career path with clear expectations.

An online bachelor’s in business administration also prepare students for MBA programs, which help them to grow their careers and improve salary prospects even further.

Next Steps

With demand for business administration majors showing no sign of slowing down, now is a great time to get enrolled in a program.

At Central Christian College of Kansas, students enrolled in the business administration degree online are taught by the same professors as the students who complete the program on campus. With job skills and hands-on experience incorporated into the curriculum, students are prepared for advancement in their careers.


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