Top 10 Non-Hospital Healthcare Administration Careers

Top 10 Non-Hospital Healthcare Administration Careers

Top 10 Non-Hospital Healthcare Administration Careers
Top 10 Non-Hospital Healthcare Administration Careers

Healthcare in the United States is rapidly growing as it evolves to meet the needs of the population. Changes in the types of care people are seeking and how healthcare is delivered mean that many types of jobs are being created for healthcare administration degree graduates.

Knowledgeable, detail-oriented leaders are needed on all levels to manage both the day-to-day operations of healthcare and to help direct change -- and not just in hospitals. Here are the top 10 non-hospital healthcare administration careers.

1. Health Information Managers - Median salary per year - $55,234

Health information managers play a significant role in protecting patient privacy. The advent of laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, or HIPAA, meant that healthcare organizations needed to make changes in the ways that they stored patient information.

Patients’ health information is highly sensitive, and patients have a right to privacy. HIPAA violations can have very costly effects, both for patients and healthcare companies. Many healthcare organizations hire health information managers to monitor for privacy breaches and work with IT to ensure that patient information is being protected electronically.

2. Practice Manager - Median salary per year - $58,328

Individuals with bachelor’s degrees in healthcare administration and experience in healthcare, often find work as practice managers.

Practice managers organize the day-to-day functions of physician practices, may assist with budget management, and help to develop and implement business strategies and practice policies.

3. Insurance Underwriter - Median salary per year $103,027

Insurance underwriters make decisions on what insurance companies will cover, for whom or what they will provide insurance, and what the coverage terms will be. The entry-level degree for underwriting is a bachelor’s degree. Underwriters command excellent salaries according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, earning a median salary of $69,760 in 2017!

4. Health Sciences Program Director - Median salary per year - $103,027

Colleges and universities with health sciences programs such as nursing, dental hygiene, or sonography, for example, need directors to oversee them.

Program directors help ensure that high standards are being maintained within the school’s programs and that students continue to receive a high-quality education. The director is responsible for managing the faculty, funding, curriculum, and policies. Median salary per year - $103,027.

5. Home Health Administrator- Median salary per year - $75,832

Home health care administrators make sure that home healthcare companies have what they need to continue providing care. Tasks that an administrator may be involved with include assessing staffing needs, addressing budget concerns, and managing what training employees will receive.

6. Healthcare Administration Consultant - Median salary per year - $76,528

Health administration consultants may be independent contractors or may work with consulting firms. Healthcare companies may hire outside administrators to assess the functioning of their company, propose solutions to issues they might find and help to implement them.

Healthcare consultants such as these are highly beneficial as they provide companies with fresh insight. It’s often easier for an outsider to spot inefficiencies and identify stale policies and procedures.

7. Nonprofit Organizations - Median salary per year - $53,602

People knowledgeable in healthcare operations are vital to the success of nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits face a variety of hurdles, especially when it comes to budgeting and securing finances.

Graduates of healthcare administration degree programs are excellent candidates for positions in nonprofit companies, as they receive education in finance, leadership, and healthcare policy during their studies. The average annual salary for a non-profit program director is $53,602.

8. Data Analyst - Median salary per year - $83,878

Healthcare administration grads are qualified for many data analyst positions. Data analyst is one of the best entry-level healthcare administration jobs, especially for detail-oriented people.

Analysts extract data from financial records, or patient charts, for example, and track the trends in the data. Analysts may then use the data to compile reports on topics such as risk monitoring or documentation practices.

9. Billing Compliance Auditor - Median salary per year - $62,127

As most healthcare companies receive significant amounts of reimbursement and funding from Medicare and Medicaid, auditors are necessary to ensure that policies are being followed. Auditors help identify holes in documentation, fraud, and policy breaches.

10. Nursing Home Administrator - Median Salary per year - $111,946

Nursing homes and long-term care facilities also need administrators to oversee the company’s operations. Administrators monitor company budgets, employees and staffing, address patient concerns, and may also help develop and implement policies. Nursing home administrators are compensated well for their efforts with a 2018 median annual salary of $111,946.

Accept the Challenge of a High-Powered Career

Hospitals come to mind as the main employer of healthcare administrators, however healthcare administration graduates are needed in all healthcare sectors.

These graduates obtain a dynamic combination of education in finance, leadership and management, and healthcare policy, which make them uniquely suited to fill the many emerging roles in our changing healthcare environment.

Central Christian College of Kansas’s online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration degree program provides dedicated, ambitious students the opportunity to earn their degree online, while they continue working full-time.

Courses are only six weeks long and may be taken at your own pace with no mandatory login times for your convenience. Multiple start dates mean that there’s no need to delay your new career!

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