What can you do with a BBA in Accounting?

What can you do with a BBA in Accounting?

What can you do with a BBA in Accounting
What can you do with a BBA in Accounting

Individuals who hold a bachelor’s degree in business and specialize in accounting have an array of accounting jobs to choose from, including forensic accounting jobs. They can also become auditors, analysts, or advisors in the private, non-profit or government sectors. Salaries are competitive in these fields, and these jobs offer high job satisfaction as well.

An online Bachelor's in Business Administration in Accounting (BBA in Accounting) is an excellent option for working adults who wish to complete a bachelor’s in business specializing in accounting and don’t want to quit their jobs to earn their degree.

Work as an Accountant or Auditor

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most entry-level accounting jobs or auditing positions require an undergraduate degree. Employment opportunities for these professionals are high. There were over a million jobs in the accounting and auditing field in 2016. The future growth rate is above average in these fields through the year 2026.

The accounting concentration helps business students develop essential skills. Students learn to organize records, verify the accuracy of financial documents and their adherence to regulations.

They learn to analyze books, systems, and operations and how to align them with proper procedures. They gain the accounting expertise to help clients prepare and pay taxes on time. They also focus on finding ways to achieve higher returns for their clients.

Types of Accounting Jobs

Management and Government Accountants

Public Accountants
Those employed as public accountants focus on advising companies on the financially beneficial approaches to take or to complete individual tax returns. Others may work as forensic accountants where they analyze fraudulent activities, bankruptcies, contract disputes, and more.

Management Accountants
They provide business managers with information on their organization’s finances. They also focus on budget and performance.

Government Accountants

They oversee government agency accounts and perform audits to check for compliance with laws or regulations.

Types of Auditing Jobs

Internal, External, and Information Technology Auditors

Internal Auditors

They look for any inappropriate use of funds within an organization and suggest methods to help identify and minimize these problems.

External Auditors

They perform the same role as internal auditors but not as employers of the organization.

Information technology auditors - They are internal auditors to check to determine if the source of financial data is trustworthy via computer systems.

Work as a Financial Analyst

Like accounting and auditing positions, most financial analyst jobs require a bachelor’s in accounting or a related field. Analysts work with insurance companies, banks, securities firms, or other businesses.

They evaluate data and financial statements, identify investment opportunities and calculate company value. Approximately 300,000 individuals served in this capacity in 2016. A faster than average job growth and annual median pay of $84,300 makes this an attractive career.

Work as a Financial Advisor

A BBA in Accounting degree also enables individuals to fill entry-level positions as financial advisors. The latter help clients determine their investment options, set financial goals, and make financial plans for various life events. There is an immense opportunity in this area. The BLS projects a 15% job growth through 2026 and an annual median income of $90,640 per year.

Get Your Degree Online

Online programs allow working adults to complete on their timeline and at their convenience, without giving up their careers.

Programs like such as Central Christian College of Kansas’ Bachelor's in Business Administration in accounting offer flexible options with no mandatory login times. Central Christian College of Kansas is committed to providing Online BBA in Accounting students a high-quality business and accounting education, so they feel confident and prepared with right kind of job knowledge, plus the soft skills they need to excel in their careers.

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