Business Administration Salary Outlook

Business Administration Salary Outlook

Business Administration Salary Outlook
Business Administration Salary Outlook

A business degree provides students with the specific skill sets they need to excel in the rapidly evolving global economy. A Business Administration Bachelor's is one of the most popular degrees among college students. In fact, according to U.S. News and World Reports, business has been the most popular undergraduate major since the early 1980s.

Schools like Central Christian College of Kansas offer a comprehensive curriculum that helps students become well-rounded in their professional skills. These skills include decision-making, strategic and creative thinking skills, communication, presentation, and writing skills, leadership and team-building skills, along with personality development and character.

Most college students like the career flexibility along with the high earning potential that the business administration degree offers. Additionally, many businesses view this degree as a practical and useful qualification and are more likely to hire students who hold this degree. The versatile nature of the degree and its consistent demand has ensured steady enrollments over the decades.

In this post, we look at what you should know about business administration careers, and what makes an online business administration degree attractive in today’s competitive workforce.

Business Administration Careers

One of the great things about a degree in business administration is the variety of career options available to students. With this degree, students can pursue careers in marketing, finance, accounting, and more and can expect to see a range in salary available to them.

With a business administration degree, students can expect to earn up to $5,000 more than other degrees per year. Currently, the median business administration salary is $49,200 for entry-level positions. There are always some salary variables to consider such as location, the industry of the business, and the business type (ex: startup vs. large corporation.)

Due to the flexibility of business administration degrees, degree holders can forge multiple paths and have increased options for earning. They can expect steady growth in careers as well.

For example, one may start working as a marketing coordinator, making about $53,754 per year. He or she then moves on to become an associate marketing manager earning $82,348 (on average), and eventually progress to the position of a marketing manager making about $144,140 per year.

Benefits of an Online Business Administration Program

The field of business administration is competitive, and students need a degree from some accredited school to stand out and excel in their careers. Central Christian College of Kansas offers an online Bachelor's in Business Administration that helps students to take on challenges in the business world and prepares them to serve as future leaders.

The flexible and online curriculum is tailor-made for working adults who wish to earn their bachelor’s degree in business administration and gain the foundational knowledge to give their careers a boost.