What Kinds of Jobs Can You Get with an Associate of Arts Degree?

What Kinds of Jobs Can You Get with an Associate of Arts Degree?

What Kind of Jobs Can You Get with an Associate of Arts Degree? blog header
What Kind of Jobs Can You Get with an Associate of Arts Degree? blog header

Set yourself on the path to a successful career with an Associate of Arts (AA) degree. Among the many reasons students choose this popular degree are flexible career opportunities with higher pay. An AA degree offers students an educational foundation that can be applied to a variety of different career options.

What is an associate of arts degree?

An Associate of Arts degree is an undergraduate degree program which prepares students for various careers within many industries. Most universities and colleges offer a four-year bachelor’s degree that requires the completion of 120 credit hours. Some colleges offer a two-year associate’s degree option as well, which typically requires the completion of 60 credit hours.

Students who wish to continue working while advancing their education may opt for an 100% online Associate of Arts degree to avoid a gap in earnings. An Online Associate of Arts degree program, such as the one offered by Central Christian College of Kansas is a great way for busy professionals to earn a higher education degree while continuing to work full-time.

Opportunities that await degree holders:

A significant benefit of earning an online Associates of Arts degree is that it will immediately boost your employability. It also puts you on the path towards a bachelor’s degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities for holders of AA degrees will grow by 17.6% through 2022. Degree holders will have the edge over others in today’s competitive job market.

Salary potential:

What’s more, the average annual salary of Associates of Arts graduates is in the region of $50,000. This is a comfortable starting point for ambitious individuals, especially those who wish to advance their careers by continuing their higher education goals and earning a bachelor’s  degree.

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Jobs associated with an associate of arts degree

Human Resource Assistant:

If you are interested in people and organizational culture, you can get into an entry-level HR job. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average HR assistant salary is $39,480. The role includes working on the policies and procedures on the human resources and employee benefits of an organization. Along with day to day HR activities, an HR Assistant  must ensure compliance with local, state and federal laws. Those who wish to gain higher positions in this field could opt for a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or an advanced degree such as a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).

Operations Assistant:

This a well-paid entry-level opportunity as well. Operations assistants oversee the production of goods and services of an organization. For example, operations jobs in manufacturing require products and services to meet or exceed customer’s expectations. The average annual salary is $41,090/yr.


Many AA degree holders choose to work as a paralegal, a career that has an average salary of $46,000 according to PayScale. Your core responsibilities will include assisting lawyers by researching and investigating facts, coordinating law office activities, and calling upon witnesses to testify. Paralegal jobs have immense growth potential.

Account Executive:

As an account manager in any organization, you will manage relationships with clients. You will be required to have a good knowledge of the goods and services of your organization. As you grow into the job, you need to master the skills to pitch for new business and close sales. The average salary for this job is $52,073.

Creative Assistant:

As a creative assistant, you will help your manager or creative director with production and execution of creative campaigns. This may be in media, advertising, music, graphic design and related fields. The average annual salary is $38,242/yr.

Opting for an Online Associate of Arts degree is a great way to start your career. Earning an AA degree from a renowned institution like Central Christian College of Kansas will add weight to your resume. The well-rounded program prepares students with an array of opportunities.

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