Top Jobs You Can Get with a Criminal Justice Degree

Top Jobs You Can Get with a Criminal Justice Degree

Jobs You Can Get with a Criminal Justice Degree
Jobs You Can Get with a Criminal Justice Degree

Criminal justice careers are designed for courageous men and women willing to work tirelessly to uphold the law, protect the innocent, and bring criminal offenders to justice. These are the professionals who allow us to sleep at night knowing that our families are safe and our property and possessions are secure. Graduates with a degree in the field can qualify for top criminal justice jobs. They are trained to serve and protect, earning the gratitude, admiration, and respect of their communities.

Higher education option–Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice

An Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice (AACJ) works as a stepping stone to a great career in law enforcement and related fields. The online Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice program offered by Central College of Kansas allows individuals to continue working while earning their degree. This route is perfect for those eager to jump-start or advance in their careers.

Associate’s degree holders can choose from an extensive criminal justice jobs list.

Police Officer

Individuals determined to help others and face danger without qualms make incredible police officers. Candidates need to have the physical and mental strength and an ability to think and act without hesitation. These qualities along with a graduate degree will ensure great on-the-job success. The median pay for police officers is approximately $63,000 a year.[1]


A paralegal career is great for those who are looking for criminal justice jobs that are physically less demanding but mentally stimulating. Lawyers depend on a paralegal’s assistance for every case. They are expert multi-taskers who take notes, complete research, create and file paperwork on a lawyer’s behalf. Median pay tops $50,000 a year, which combined with a 15% growth rate makes this an ideal career option.[2]

Fire Investigator

Fire investigation requires a mastery of chemistry and physics and an understanding of the process of combustion. This knowledge is used to find the origin and cause of a fire. The median pay is over $56,000 per year, and it has a faster than average job growth.[3] Criminal justice degree holders who also have the expertise of a fire investigator are in high demand.

Additional Jobs

Individuals with associates degrees in criminal justice can become a game warden to fight poaching and pollution, a correctional officer to guard accused and convicted criminals, or a victim advocacy counselor to support those harmed by others. A security officer, a position to both stop and deter criminals, is an option as well. Graduates can choose a career based on their interests and unique skill sets. All these offer excellent benefits and job satisfaction.

Higher education option – A Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice

A Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice qualify individuals for advanced careers in law enforcement and related fields. Those who want to continue working and earn their degree online have the option of accredited programs like the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Central Christian College of Kansas.  Transferring credits, greater flexibility, and a more individualized pace help most students graduate on time.

Bachelor’s degree holders can choose from top criminal justice careers.

U.S. Marshal

U.S. marshals stand heroically between judges, magistrates, or witnesses and any potential danger. They are also tasked with the apprehension and transport of federal prisoners. The risks are many, but the excitement and thrill never cease for these officers. Each marshal has the honor of being appointed by the president and serves a four-year term.

Probation Officer

Probation officers have a crucial role to play in society. These professionals help former criminals follow the conditions of parole. They also help reinstate them in the society. Probation officers might be called upon to testify on the status of a former criminal. They need to keep meticulous records and be articulate in court; skills they can learn in their online program. The median income is over $51,000 per year.

FBI Agent

Candidates need specialized training, but a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice often kick-starts one’s FBI career. Along with crime-fighting skills, they also need to communicate well. They need to have a firm grasp of science, technology, accounting, and language. This job is ideal for those who wish to fight terrorism both on the home front and abroad. They are trained to collect critical intel and find and arrest criminals. The FBI offers unparalleled opportunity and high job satisfaction.

Additional Jobs

Other criminal justice jobs include a private investigator, crime scene investigators who preserve and analyze evidence, secret service agents, or immigration and customs enforcement agents.