What Can I Do with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology as a Christian?

What Can I Do with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology as a Christian?

What Can I Do with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology as a Christian?
What Can I Do with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology as a Christian?

As Christians, we value service to our fellow man and the betterment of society. We believe that by helping others we are not just improving our communities as a whole, we are doing God’s work. We also believe that these principles are not just for convenient times, but should be applied at all times, whether we are at church, interacting in the larger community, or conducting our daily work.

But many Christians struggle to apply these values to their professional careers. They may feel disconnected from their faith while at work, with little to motivate them outside of a paycheck. In some cases, they may even feel that their career is contradicting their Christian faith.  

A degree in psychology with a focus on Christian values, however, helps you maintain an excellent career while applying your faith every day in the workplace. An online degree in psychology from Central Christian College of Kansas helps connect your faith to your career. Below are some career options in psychology where Christian values bring added value to meaningful work.

Christian Counselor

Perhaps the most obvious connection between psychology and Christianity, a Christian counselor applies the principles of both, offering support to individuals, couples, and families. In one of these psychology careers, you may point clients toward biblical or Christian sources of inspiration and guidance; you may also connect people with faith-based support, such as church groups or bible study sessions. Christian counselors may work in churches, hospitals, mental health facilities, and rehabilitation houses.

Career Counselor

From new graduates to job seekers, your responsibility as a career counselor is to help connect motivated professionals to employers. In this position, you’ll help people look inward to find the right career path for their specific talents and interests.

A psychology degree helps you understand how to help people unlock their career goals, while a Christian faith keeps you motivated every day, as you know you’re helping people find work so they can live rewarding, healthy lives. These professionals are often found in schools, government agencies, and even private practices.

Social Worker

As a social worker, it’s your job to assist people and help them cope with problems. You may also be required, depending on the position, to diagnose and treat mental and behavioral issues, making it one of the most rewarding psychology jobs for Christians. Social workers are employed in many locations, including mental health clinics, schools, human service agencies, and hospitals.

Child Care Worker

What could be more satisfying for a Christian than caring for and helping children all across the country? With an online degree in psychology, one of the options available to you will be a career as a child care worker.

This field can take many paths, including work in a day care center, after-school programs, a mental-health setting or even in their own home. Childcare workers provide care for children by attending to the children’s basic needs, including bathing and feeding.

Criminal Justice Careers

Jesus was often described as being a friend of the sinners, and he treated those people who had been disregarded by society as important members of the community, deserving the same service and forgiveness that is given to all. If you have a psychology degree, you can apply these same values to a career in law enforcement and criminal justice, which could take the form of a probation officer,parole officer, or police officer. Special training will be required, but you’ll have the foundation to monitor parolees, track behavior, organize therapy, and provide non-judgmental support.

Rehabilitation Specialist

People who struggle with mental or physical disabilities need assistance reintegrating into society, and it is the job of a rehabilitation specialist to provide the right guidance and support. The end goal is to take someone with disabilities and help them become self-sufficient members of society.

Rehabilitation specialists are employed in residential care facilities where the patients live full time, and there are many Christian-based facilities in this sector.

Social Services Specialist

Social services is a growing career field that need compassionate people who understand how to help others, making it an excellent field for a Christian with an understanding of psychology.

People working in social services can find work in a variety of settings, including mental health clinics, schools, community centers, hospitals, in private practice, and in domestic settings . Through this career, you will provide front-line support and social assistance for individuals, families, and communities in need, and direct clients to various counseling and case-management services.

Victim Advocate

As a victim advocate, you will support the rights of people who have been victims of a crime or malicious behavior. You may also provide support to witnesses of a crime and people who are involved in court trials.

You won’t necessarily need a legal degree, but you’ll have to have a deep understanding of the law, as it may be your responsibility to explain the rights and options to victims. In many cases, you’ll work with district attorneys, but you could find employment in private legal offices.

The Christian ethic of service is important to this psychology career, as you’ll have to serve victims of crime by providing services such as legal assistance and honest, caring emotional support every day.


As a teacher, you have the opportunity to shape the minds of tomorrow’s leaders. As an educator, you can apply your Christian values of service, even if you work in a public school. If you are especially passionate about teaching Christian values, you can find work in private Christian schools, allowing you to teach the Bible and other sources of Christian inspiration.

If you want more information on how a psychology degree from Central Christian College of Kansas can help you apply the Christian faith to your daily work, contact us today! We’ll make sure you have the right information so you can make an informed decision on your educational path, as well as the best jobs for psychology graduates!

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