How Can Business Administration Improve Management?

How Can Business Administration Improve Management?

How Can Business Administration Improve Management?
How Can Business Administration Improve Management?

Business administration professionals are changing the way that management organizes and interacts with employees, customers, and stakeholders. While the specific duties can take many forms, companies are improving management through business administration, creating companies that are better equipped to meet the needs of an ever-changing economy.

Enhance Communication at All Levels of the Business

Perhaps the most fundamental and influential improvement that business administration professionals can do to improve management is enhancing overall communication in the company. Communication is an essential undercurrent for every company, large and small, and having people who can write reports, create presentations, and communicate company goals is critical.

Effective communication, both inside and outside of a company, as well as across cultural differences, can lead to better business practices and improved management. For example, business administration students have a better understanding of how to adjust messages about a change in business practices to both customers and employees, giving each audience the information they will need.

Understand and Implement the Best Computer Applications

You can’t discuss business in the 21st century without discussing computer applications and mobile technology. While no one can predict where technology will take us in the next decade, people who are trained in business administration have a better understanding of the proper use and implementation of technology.

For example, while completing a Business Administration online degree, students complete courses such as Computer Application in Business, which not only discusses current applications, but discusses the needs of future businesses and how stay at the  cutting edge of technology and information in the years to come.

Merge Accounting with Strategic Planning

In many businesses, accounting is a side office that is not a direct part of the strategic planning process. However, Business Administration students can help bridge the gap between the executive boardroom and the financial spreadsheets. By using accounting as a direct tool for planning, and not just an office for organizing revenue, businesses are better equipped to meet the financial demands of the future and take advantage of lucrative business opportunities.

Managerial Accounting, for example, is a course that addresses specific topics of product costing, control procedures, and capital budgeting and brings them all together to improve an entire management strategy.

Improve and Integrate Marketing Strategies

Businesses often have multiple marketing strategies, but business administration professionals can help improve and unify this section of the company and help it become part of the overall business function. By providing insight on current organizational structure, people in business administration can help improve the effectiveness of marketing while helping current employees understand the goals behind marketing efforts.

With knowledge on promotion, pricing, and distribution, business administration can help guide marketing techniques and meld these into the everyday strategy of the company.

Help Maintain Legal and Ethical Standards

What are the legal risks of a certain business practice? How can organizations lower that risk? Is a perfectly legal business practice in any way immoral? While a Business Administration degree won’t make someone an attorney-at-law, it can help students (and the companies that hire them) understand the legal and ethical ramifications for any business decision.

By completing courses such as Business Law and Professional Ethics, graduates of Business Administration are able to help companies and organizations navigate those complex and puzzling questions. In the end, this can create stronger managerial practices that improve the long-term strength of the company.

Improve HR Practices

Every businesses needs quality administrators to operate their human resources. By having someone on staff who can search for fit candidates, filter the best potential hires, conduct effective interviews, and hire the right people, businesses improve their long-term management and operations.

Business administration is also perfectly equipped to improve management by enhancing human resources. Much in the same way that business administration can bridge the gap between accounting and strategy, it can also create a link between human resources and management by offering advice and guidance on HR, compensation, conflict resolution, and even stress management.

Improve Top-to-Bottom Teamwork

In the end, it all comes down to teamwork. Fortunately, business administration professionals can improve management by implementing practices that not only enhance team interaction, but do so in a manner that improves the function of daily operations. In other words, they don’t just implement teamwork for teamwork’s sake, but for the sake of the business’ success.

Being able to lead a team, go from one team to another, and communicate between teams makes business administration professionals better equipped to handle the challenges of modern companies. Today’s companies are structured in layered, sometimes complex organizational systems, with teams at both vertical and horizontal levels. Helping management keep all of these team working in harmony may be one of the most important roles for business administration professionals.

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