Online Bachelor of Psychology FAQs

Online Bachelor of Psychology FAQs

Online Bachelor of Psychology FAQs
Online Bachelor of Psychology FAQs

When you earn a psychology degree online, you are able to learn about the topic you are passionate about while working toward your career goals in a way that is convenient and affordable.

The BS psychology online program at Central Christian College of Kansas Online provides students with a broad understanding of the psychology field while also giving those who are interested in a psychology career the opportunity to develop specializations.

These are some of the commonly asked questions that prospective students have about earning a psychology degree online:

What Does the BS Psychology Online Degree Focus On?

The online psychology degree provides students with a foundational understanding of the psychology field while also giving them opportunities to explore specific areas within the discipline. The curriculum covers the psychology of human development from infancy through the advanced stages of life, addressing both emotional factors that influence health as well as physical conditions.

Students graduate from this program with an understanding of each psychological disorder that is included in the field's diagnostic manual. In addition to providing students with the information they need to know about the psychology field, the program also requires students to complete a capstone project that allows them to conduct professional research that can be used to launch their career in psychology after graduation.

What Topics Are Covered in the Curriculum?

The BS psychology online program is designed to provide students with a well-rounded education that focuses on the psychology discipline. The curriculum breaks down into four components: general core courses, Christian worldview courses, general electives and psychology core courses. The majority of the credit hours within this degree program are psychology core courses.

Topics that are covered within the psychology core courses include human growth and development, personality psychology, social psychology, abnormal psychology, physiological psychology, and more. Upon graduating with a degree in psychology, students will be able to successfully execute research methods to answer psychological questions, apply psychological principles and theories to different sectors of the population, analyze research data and use it in a clinical setting, and identify treatment options for patients who exhibit normal and abnormal psychological behaviors.

How Many Credits Is the Psychology Degree Online?

The psychology degree online program requires students to complete 40 online courses at Central Christian College of Kansas Online. In total, there are 120 credits needed to graduate with a BS psychology online degree.

One of the things that stands out about this degree program is its flexibility. With each course lasting about six weeks, students are able to create an educational plan that allows them to balance their current responsibilities and obligations with their educational goals. Students are only required to take one course at a time, but they can take more if their schedule allows. They can design an educational path that is uniquely suited to their own needs and wants.

Is This Program 100% Online?

Yes, the psychology degree that is offered at Central Christian College of Kansas Online is completed entirely through online courses. Students are able to utilize the latest technology and innovative resources that are available to connect with their instructors and their classmates.

They are able to complete their coursework in a time and manner that is convenient for them, as they are not bound to a traditional schedule for their classes. More and more students are looking to online degree programs to achieve their educational goals, as it is the most flexible and affordable way to move their careers to the next level.

What Career Opportunities Are Graduates Qualified For?

The psychology degree online program prepares students for a successful career in the psychology field. Students who graduate from this program are qualified for a variety of different positions, including:

  • Counselor — With a background in psychology, candidates with this degree are able to work as a counselor in a variety of different settings. Graduates often find work in schools, hospitals, and within private practices.

  • Social Worker — A psychology discipline is often valued in the social services, as job candidates with a background in this field often have a unique understanding of what individuals are going through during difficult points in their life. Social workers are employed at hospitals, at nonprofit organizations, at schools and at senior living facilities.

  • Life or Career Coach — Students who graduate from this program are able to work as life or career coaches, largely because they can take a course specifically focusing on this career. It is a fulfilling and exciting career option for those interested in psychology, as they can have a direct impact on someone's life.

The BS psychology online degree is designed for students of all ages, stages and backgrounds.

Whether you have just graduated from high school and you are looking for a flexible online education environment, or you are a working professional who wants to consider a career change, you will find the online psychology degree at Central Christian College of Kansas Online to be a viable option. To learn more about this degree program and what it can do for your career, contact our advisors today.