5 Entry Level Business Administration Jobs

5 Entry Level Business Administration Jobs

5 Entry Level Business Administration Jobs
5 Entry Level Business Administration Jobs

In the world of business, there is endless potential for a fulfilling and lucrative career. Students who opt to pursue an online business administration degree are able to specialize their degree in a niche area, allowing them to direct their business administration careers in a way that fits their own interests and desires. While many people often have a career goal in sight when they begin their educational journey, it’s important to recognize that everyone needs to start somewhere.

When you earn a business administration degree online, you will be able to secure an entry-level position after graduation that allows you to get the experience necessary to continue to move forward in your career. These are a few of the entry-level business administration jobs that you may be qualified for after you graduate with your online business administration degree.

1. Accountant

Accountants work to prepare accurate financial documents, such as taxes. Many accountants work for accounting firms, while others manage their own offices or take on independent clients. Furthermore, there are many accountants who are employed directly by an organization to manage their financial records. Most accountants will work at least 40 hours per week, and work is generally performed in an office setting.

A bachelor’s degree is required for an entry-level accounting position. The pay will vary based on the position that an individual secures, but, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for accountants in 2016 was $68,150 annually. Throughout the next decade, the accounting industry is expected to grow by about 11 percent, making it a viable option for many students who will be graduating and looking for business administration jobs.

2. Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts are marketing professionals who attempt to inform companies, businesses and organizations about consumer demand for their particular products and services. Market research analysts will identify, evaluate and analyze current market conditions to help provide their clients with valuable information about what consumers want to buy and how much they are willing to pay for a particular product. Market research analysts are in demand in nearly every type of industry, and they are able to find employment in a variety of different types of work environments.

The median salary for a market research analyst is about $62,560 per year. There were nearly 500,000 market research analysts employed in 2014, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that this field will continue to grow by about 19 percent in the next decade. A bachelor’s degree is required to get into this field, and students should focus on mathematical courses as well as statistical analysis courses in their curriculum.

3. Financial Analyst

A financial analyst has the unique opportunity to provide individuals, companies and organizations with insight into the current market conditions as well as with advice about what they should do to grow their portfolios. On a daily basis, they monitor the market movements and assess the investments of their clients. They are responsible for guiding their clients and helping them make the best investment decisions possible. Financial analysts often work full-time in an office environment, and many report that they work more than 40 hours each week.

Financial analysts earn an average salary of $81,760 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This particular business administration field is expected to grow by about 12 percent in the next decade, which is faster than average. It is just one of the lucrative and exciting business administration careers for graduates to consider.

4. Insurance Underwriter

Insurance underwriters are employed by insurance companies in order to determine if an individual who is filing a claim is qualified to receive coverage from the insurance company. An insurance underwriter may specialize in car, health, home or flood insurance, amongst other types of insurance policies that are available. An insurance underwriter works each day in an office setting and is responsible for evaluating claims applications, determining the coverage that is received and allocating the amount that the individual will get from their insurance policy.

Insurance underwriters can expect a median pay of about $67,680 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A bachelor’s degree is required for this position, but some positions also require candidates to undergo job training after they have been hired. There are many opportunities available for insurance underwriters, but the field is expected to have a decline rate of about 11 percent throughout the next decade.

5. Sales Manager

Sales managers are responsible for leading a team of sales representatives. Most organizations employ sales managers to help direct their sales team and grow their revenue. A sales manager will not only set the goals for the team to achieve, but also will create resources that help the team achieve those goals. They also are required to collect and analyze the data related to sales to better direct the company in the future.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that sales managers positions are expected to grow by about 5 percent throughout the next decade. An individual with a bachelor’s degree is able to secure a position as a sales manager, and the median salary is about $117,000 per year. Sales managers may work in an office setting, but travel is generally required for these positions. While a full-time business schedule is the norm for this position, individuals should also note that weekend and evening hours are sometimes necessary.

A business administration degree not only allows you to open the door to a multitude of business administration careers, but it affords you increased job security as well as a higher income potential. The best entry-level require that applicants are well-versed in many different aspects of the business industry, and they also require candidates to have a unique understanding of real-world business settings.

To learn more about the many opportunities that could be available to you after you graduate with an online business administration degree, contact the advisors at Central Christian College of Kansas Online today.

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