How Do I Become a Border Services Officer?

How Do I Become a Border Services Officer?

How Do I Become a Border Services Officer?
How Do I Become a Border Services Officer?

If you are looking to serve your community, enforce the law, keep your fellow citizens safe and take home more than a living wage, a career as a border services officer is worth considering.

A criminal justice degree degree allows you to earn a bachelor’s degree at your pace and opens up the possibility to enter a number of criminal justice careers. A border service officers career mandates each candidate meet a number of other requirements, a bachelor of science in criminal justice may set you apart from other candidates.

How Do I Become A Border Services Officer?

Applicants must:

  • Pass an entrance exam

  • Meet the qualifications requirements

  • Pass a comprehensive background investigation

  • Be in sound mental and physical shape

  • Pass a vision test

  • Have clear hearing/vision

  • Exhibit competency during an interview

  • Pass a drug test

  • Pass a polygraph exam

The Benefits of Working as a Border Services Officer

This line of work provides excellent job security, pays well and provides excellent benefits. Border services officers are even provided with the some similar enhanced retirement coverage enjoyed by law enforcement professionals. In terms of salary, the United States Office of Personnel Management website reports these professionals typically start out at a yearly salary of around $32,000 or more.

Those who reach the highest possible grade of GS-12 enjoy an average compensation of more than $110,000. These professionals are also eligible for upwards of $35,000 per year in overtime pay. It is also possible to receive locality pay in addition to one's salary. Premium pay is also available on holidays, Sundays and for night shifts. It is even possible to receive cash awards for outstanding performance. The United States Customs and Border Protection Agency employs more than 20,000 CBP officers.

What Border Services Officers Do

Border services officers enjoy challenging work days that are incredibly stimulating from a mental and physical standpoint. Border services officers work within the country's largest law enforcement agency, the United States Customs and Border Protection Agency. These professionals work at one or several of the nation's 328 ports of entry. They screen visitors and cargo with attention to subtleties.

Border services officers enforce immigration law, customs, drug trafficking laws and agriculture laws.

How a Criminal Justice Degree Can Help You Become a Border Services Officer

Obtain a criminal justice degree and it will distinguish you from the pack of job-seekers. Your degree will help you land an interview. It will also provide you with the skills, analytical abilities and confidence necessary to pass the position's entrance exam with flying colors. This four-to-six-hour exam tests a candidate's reasoning, logic, arithmetic reasoning and writing skills.

Your education provides direct access to individuals with experience in the field of criminal justice, providing you with the opportunity to pick the minds of savvy professors. The curriculum is designed by accomplished professionals to arm students with the skills and knowledge necessary to ace job interviews, comprehend the idiosyncrasies of law enforcement management and better understand human behavior.

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