What Courses Will I take in the Bachelor of Psychology Program?

What Courses Will I take in the Bachelor of Psychology Program?

What Courses Will I take in the Bachelor of Psychology Program?
What Courses Will I take in the Bachelor of Psychology Program?

Complete a diverse array of bachelor of science psychology courses. Online psychology courses help you understand the intricacies of the human mind. More importantly, they prepare you for a rewarding career in the field of psychology.

The online BS Psychology program is comprised of 40 online courses. Each course lasts a month and a half. You may complete the program a single class at a time or at a pace that suits your needs.

Personality Psychology

The Personality Psychology course introduces students to the theories that attempt to explain the creation of human personalities. Course material covers historical theories, contemporary theories and their application to real-world situations. This material helps psychology students understand the psychology of human beings and their respective personalities.

Professionalism and Human Performance

This three-credit course arms students with a comprehensive understanding of the soft skills necessary for professional success. The course keys in on the development and refining of communication, leadership and critical thinking skills. Students learn the best ways to express themselves clearly and cogently in oral and written form.

Additional topics range from developing one's presentation skills to efficient time management and the use of computers in a professional context.

Introduction to Life Coaching

Life coaching is essential to a psychologist's professional success. This practice covers the intricacies of lay counseling as well as the idiosyncrasies of clinical counseling in the professional realm. The coursework differentiates between the skills used in life coaching and clinical counseling. It also identifies important themes shared between both practices. Furthermore, the course shows students how to engage in life coaching in an ethical.

Organizational Behavior and Leadership

Human behavior is dictated by a wide variety of sociological variables as well as psychological factors. Human behavior changes even more when people are placed in groups or in certain types of organizations.

Psychology program graduates must understand this dynamic in order to function as professionals within an organization. Students learn how to identify personal interaction styles and the impact such styles have on the organization as a whole.

Statistics for the Social Sciences

This course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of statistical reasoning. Students learn the value of statistics in the context of the social sciences. They also learn how to apply statistical reasoning to uncover important information.

The course covers a broad variety of topics ranging from probability theory to descriptive statistics, statistical inference and beyond. Students also engage in exercises with real-world applicability and utility. These exercises are often conducted with the use of SPSS statistics software.

Social Psychology

Every professional psychologist must understand how people are influenced by themselves as well as others. An in-depth understanding of individual perceptions, attitudes, emotions and behavior is necessary to explain subsequent thoughts and actions. Furthermore, the behavior, perceptions and attitudes of others also impact individuals.

Our Social Psychology course teaches students about these concepts so they can accurately analyze and improve psychological challenges and human relationships within the workplace.

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