What Does a Criminal Case Manager Do?

What Does a Criminal Case Manager Do?

What Does a Criminal Case Manager Do?
What Does a Criminal Case Manager Do?

A criminal case manager is someone who performs either or both of two important roles: manages the diverse and connected social needs of a person within the criminal justice system to help him or her successfully reenter and function in society, and/or facilitates the administrative processes of handling criminal cases and transitioning them through a court docket.

The case manager serves as the coordinator of each of the services a client might need to successfully reach their desired outcomes. The case manager makes calls, sets appointments, keeps up with the client, helps complete paperwork, and connects the client to appropriate programs.

Where is the case management profession going?

According to the Bureau for Labor Statistics, from 2014 to 2024 case management is projected to grow by 12 percent, faster than most professions (all job occupations across the U.S. economy are projected to grow at a rate of 7 percent). Employment of mental health and substance abuse social workers is projected to grow 19 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations. Employment will grow as more people seek treatment for mental illness and alcohol abuse. In addition individuals suffering from other types of substance abuse are increasingly being sent to treatment programs, which are staffed by these social workers, rather than facing incarceration.

What kind of salary can you make?

The 2015 median pay for case managers was $45,900 annually, or $22.07 per hour.

What type of environment does a criminal case manager work in?

Case managers work in a variety of settings, including local, state, and federal correctional facilities, such as the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Others work with probation and parole officers in independent offices located outside of correctional institutions. Advancement is possible through years of job experience or continued education. A PhD or master’s degree in related fields such as psychology, law, or criminology is necessary for advancement to some higher positions. Increasing populations in US prisons combined with earlier prisoner release numbers are causing a rise in demand for case managers.

How can an online Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree help prepare you for a career as a case manager?

A Bachelors in Criminal Justice degree is for individuals who deal with the business operations of medical facilities. The degree can prepare you to manage the daily financial and human resource operations of private, public and non-for-profit organizations that serve specific communities. You can also gain specialized skills that prepare you for organizing employees and resource.