Can You Be a Social Worker with a Criminal Justice Degree?

Can You Be a Social Worker with a Criminal Justice Degree?


Can You Be a Social Worker with a Criminal Justice Degree?

Yes, you can be a social worker with a criminal justice degree. Obtaining a criminal justice degree from Central Christian College provides an opportunity to start a new career path. The online education allows you to plan your education around a current job or other responsibilities while you still obtain a degree. The challenge is determining your career options after obtaining the degree.

What Can I do With a Criminal Justice Degree?

Jobs in the criminal justice field take many different forms. A criminal justice social worker, for example, provides assistance, support and services to criminal offenders, their family members or individuals who have a higher risk of committing crimes due to their previous life experiences. As a social worker, you may actively work with individuals recently released from a corrections facility who are trying to get their lives on track. Alternatively, you may assist family members with the process of moving forward after a loved one commits a crime. Intervention or prevention services may also provide a career path.

Some social workers with a criminal justice degree also work with forensics professionals. The forensics work allows you to understand the motivations or reasons behind a particular individual's actions, which improves the assistance you can provide as a professional social worker.

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Working in the Criminal Justice System

Working in the criminal justice system differs from alternative social work because it directly works with offenders or at-risk individuals. The online education from Central Christian College gives you a foundation in corrections, forensics and criminology so you have the tools to help offenders or their families.

Social workers in the criminal justice system must understand the corrections process and the potential challenges of working with adult offenders. When you work with adult offenders, you may actively work on changing their mindset, teaching life skills to prevent future crimes or other rehabilitative services.

Obtaining a Career as a Social Worker

Jobs in the criminal justice field do not limit your options. You can work in several different positions, including social work. The key is determining the role you want to fill and the standards for the role.

The undergraduate degree allows you to focus on the criminal justice side of social work rather than the traditional role of intervening with at-risk children or families. It also allows you to set up crime prevention solutions with an understanding of the legal system and the possible complications that arise in specific situations.

Taking the Next Steps Toward Your Career

The first step of obtaining a career in social work is your undergraduate degree. Central Christian College provides an online education in criminal justice that applies to a career in social work. In some cases, you may need a further education to obtain your career goals; however, you can start working in corrections, criminal justice or related fields as a social worker after obtaining an undergraduate degree.

Making the decision to help others in your community takes many different roles. Whether you want to work with criminal offenders or you want to take measures to prevent future crimes, a career in social work gives you the opportunity to accomplish your goals. The key is determining your preferred career path with a criminal justice degree.

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