Benefits of a Criminal Justice Degree vs. Law Degree

Benefits of a Criminal Justice Degree vs. Law Degree

Benefits of a Criminal Justice Degree vs. Law Degree
Benefits of a Criminal Justice Degree vs. Law Degree

"One of the great things about earning a criminal justice degree is how versatile it is, opening you up to a variety of career,” the Criminal Justice Degrees Guide states.

Central Christian College offers an online gateway to career opportunities for Criminal Justice graduates. The answer to the question, "What can I do with a Criminal Justice degree?" is essentially this: You can start working immediately in any criminal justice occupation from police officer to a paralegal.

In fact, the Criminal Justice Degrees Guide quoted above estimates that job opportunities for paralegals and related legal assistants, for example, will grow by 28 percent through 2018 - at a rate "much faster than the average of other occupations."

A Criminal Justice degree, while opening doors to a wide variety of careers, can also be a prerequisite to attending law school.

Two different levels of education

The difference between a degree in Criminal Justice and a law degree is that a Criminal Justice degree is at the undergraduate level. Law school students must first complete their bachelor's degree and then attend about three years of law school. Upon completion of law school, they earn a Juris Doctor - or advanced degree.

Students with a bachelor's degree from every educational specialty can apply for admission to law school. But the benefits of a Criminal Justice Degree are in choices and career flexibility.

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A Criminal Justice undergraduate degree can be a gateway.

Earning a Criminal Justice degree can be especially good preparation for gaining entrance to law school. For example, Central Christian College's Criminal Justice degree coursework focuses on a wide variety of legal topics: exploration of the law, its enforcement, as well as investigation, courts, and corrections. Students also will gain experience in research, writing, and analysis - skills recommended by the American Bar Association as contributing to success in law school.

You can do both, but…

After earning a Criminal Justice degree, the graduate might want to shelve law school plans and go to work for law enforcement immediately - or select from a wide range of choices and career opportunities. The latter choice translates to a three-year head start as a full-time professional with excellent potential for advancement and high earnings.

Going the online education route for full undergraduate study

Whatever your career goals, our online Criminal Justice Degree program is just the ticket for the working adult.

Our curriculum is designed not only for people already in the criminal justice field and who need to increase their educational qualifications to move into higher management positions, but also for busy professionals seeking a career change.

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