5 Non-Traditional Jobs You Can Get with a Bachelor of Psychology Degree

5 Non-Traditional Jobs You Can Get with a Bachelor of Psychology Degree

5 Non-Traditional Jobs You Can Get with a Bachelor of Psychology Degree
5 Non-Traditional Jobs You Can Get with a Bachelor of Psychology Degree

Obtaining an online Bachelor's in Psychology provides an opportunity to start out in a new career. Although the traditional path focuses on furthering an education, supporting a psychologist or working directly in psychological research, non-traditional careers provide a chance to use the experience and education in unique ways. A psychology degree sets the foundation for unexpected career paths.

Law Enforcement

A career in law enforcement may not seem like the perfect opportunity for a student with a psychology degree, but professionals with an understanding of criminal behaviors actually improve the law enforcement profession. An online Bachelor's in Psychology provides the foundation in understanding mental illness, behavioral patterns and even criminal thought processes.

Although psychological analysis is only one part of the law enforcement process, a new graduate with a degree can start working with the police to understand criminal behavior.

Environmental Conservation

Conservation efforts for the environment play an important role in the future. An environmental conservationist may not be the first idea associated with psychology, but some professionals use the training to improve the environment.

In particular, professionals observe human and animal interactions and connections. By using the research and observations into connections between different species, a conservationist develops a plan to encourage human efforts to improve the environment. It helps an organization determine the best ways to capture the attention of different groups or individuals within a community, state or even on the federal level.


Writing takes many different forms, but obtaining a psychology degree provides a deep understanding of science and related topics. Due to the understanding of the scientific method, statistics and scientific research, an individual with an online Bachelor's in Psychology from Central Christian College has an advantage in the field of science writing.

The degree provides the foundation of knowledge a professional needs to write coherent details about scientific studies, new research projects or even theories related to science or math. Since psychologists follow the scientific method to form hypotheses about human behavior, mental health concerns and related topics, they have an understanding of science.

Business Organization

Psychology is an organized field that focuses on understanding the details that impact human behavior. Due to the attention to detail used in the classroom, students learn different ways to organize information and other individuals.

In a business setting, organization plays a key role in the efficiency of the company. Business organization is a non-traditional path for a student of psychology, but it provides an opportunity to get involved in a corporate setting. An organizational psychologist focuses on the development of teams in the workplace and the facilitation of teamwork. It is particularly useful in large corporations or organizations with a focus on teamwork to accomplish specific goals.

Video Game Design

Video games are an unexpected path for a psychology student, but it is an opportunity to engage in modern technology while still using a psychology degree. Although psychology students may not directly develop the codes used in video games, they actually improve the quality of the game by observing the way the game impacts players.

In video game design, a professional plays the games and observes the behavior of other players. They actively participate in the game and determine where to make changes before the game reaches the market. By focusing on human behavior in gaming, a professional determines when to add new challenges, when to tone down the difficulty level and when to make major changes to the game for a better user experience.

A psychology degree offers a wealth of opportunities in multiple careers and industries. Young professionals with an online Bachelor's in Psychology do not need to follow traditional paths toward therapy, research or education. Instead, they can focus on building a career in a new field and finding a career path that uses their skills to improve a product, reach out to a community or even keep specific groups informed about scientific studies and research.