Top Books on Leadership for Christians

Top Books on Leadership for Christians

For Christians, their faith not only dictates their religious beliefs, but it also provides them with a structure for their actions, decisions and choices. Their entire life is influenced by Christianity, including the way that they lead others. If you are looking to hone your leadership skills in a way that is both thoughtful and faithful, consider one of these books on leadership for Christians.

Conviction to Lead

Written by Albert Mohler, “Conviction to Lead” teaches leaders to help others change not only their actions, but also their minds and their hearts. The book outlines principles that leaders need to adopt with passion and vigor to make an impact on their organization. Through this book, leaders not only discover how to hone their skills but also how to truly transform their leadership style.

Lead Like Jesus: Lessons From the Greatest Leadership Role Model of All Time

In this book, Ken Blanchard uses examples from the life of Jesus Christ to help leaders emulate Him and His leadership style. Blanchard uses four dimensions of leadership to provide leaders with an outline and a structure for their actions and decisions. Those dimensions are the head, the heart, the hands and the habits.

Leadership 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know

This leadership guide, written by John C. Maxwell, enforces the idea that anyone and everyone is born to lead. Throughout the book, Maxwell creates a framework for people to use to identify and enhance their own skills to lead more effectively. The book provides actionable tips that will allow readers to learn how to create a legacy that will stand the test of time, develop trust, increase their influence over others, and become a powerful mentor.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

Written by Stephen Covey and first published in 1990, this leadership guide has been influencing people for more than 25 years. It provides people with advice to help them improve both personal and professional leadership skills. Focusing on positive thinking and time management, Covey outlines what needs to be done to be a memorable leader.

Servant Leadership

Robert K. Greenleaf challenges the traditional perception of a leader in this book, which emphasizes the importance of a leader being the “first amongst equals.” With a clear Christian influence, this book encourages leaders to meet the needs of others before themselves, whether in the professional or personal sphere. It reminds leaders that they have a responsibility to use love to help others grow.

These books help define leadership for Christians and provide perspective on the best way to set an example and encourage others to follow in your footsteps. You may find that you connect with one book in particular, or you may discover that a variety of techniques help you define your approach to Christian leadership. Learn to manage the demands of a contemporary marketplace and take your leadership skills to the next level with our Bachelor's in Organizational Leadership.