What Can I Do With a Psychology Degree?

What Can I Do With a Psychology Degree?

The decision to earn your online psychology bachelor's degree seems straight-forward. In certain situations, the field of study leads directly to a higher education and working as a therapist or a researcher. Although the degree offers certain opportunities in therapy and research, the education also provides opportunities in different fields and areas of interest. Knowing the opportunities provides a chance to decide on the right course of action for personal career goals.

Life Coach

An education in psychology provides the unique opportunity to work as a life coach. Individuals with an undergraduate degree in psychology can work as a life coach after getting appropriate training.

The role of a life coach is similar to a coach in sports; however, the professional helps individuals reach their goals in life. Essentially, the coach provides advice and assistance based on the individual's needs and goals. The coach may help with financial goals, career goals or even making better decisions in relationships and family life. The coach may specialize in specific areas of life, such as financial and career coaching, or may provide generalized services based on the individual's complete life and lifestyle goals.

Social Work Careers

Psychology majors provide opportunities in social work and related fields. An individual may work directly as a social worker and child protective worker or may take on a leadership role by working as a case manager.

Careers in social work focus on improving the lives of families or the community. The career path focuses on helping others and providing services to the community, so it is a career path to consider when individuals want to give back to their community.

Therapist Positions

Studying psychology provides opportunities to work as a therapist in different fields. In many fields, a therapist must obtain a higher education through a Psy.D. or Ph.D. program; however, certain therapists only require a master's degree and supportive positions working under a psychologist may only require an undergraduate degree.

A therapist may work in schools, hospitals and community centers. They may also work for law enforcement to help profile potential criminals or to help law enforcement officers recover from traumatic experiences.

Education and Research Career

Due to the high level of math and science used in psychology, individuals have career opportunities in research and education after completing the program. In fact, almost 20 to 30 percent of graduates work in educational institutions as part of a research team or as a teacher. Individuals with an undergraduate degree may provide support during research studies or may work in high schools and similar educational positions.

Business and Marketing

Psychology provides unique opportunities in the business community and almost 40 percent of individuals with a degree in psychology work for institutions and businesses. In particular, psychology provides opportunities in marketing or creating a productive workplace.

Getting a psychology degree provides a wealth of opportunities. When individuals choose to start working directly out of the degree program, they can work in business, social work or research. After obtaining a higher education, individuals can work as psychologists, therapists and educators. The career path depends on personal preferences due to the flexibility of the degree.

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