Accreditation and Affiliations

Accreditation and Affiliations


Central Christian College of Kansas is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (312-263-0456;

Until its transition to a four-year college, Central Christian was the oldest accredited junior college in Kansas, having been recognized and accredited by the State Department of Education in 1918.

In 2000, Central Christian was recognized as a four-year, private, not-for-profit college by the Carnegie Foundation and expanded its accreditation with the North Central Association of the Higher Learning Commission.

In 2009, Central Christian was recognized by the Kansas State Department of Education as eligible to begin offering Elementary Education and Physical Education (K–12) and Secondary Education in History/Political Science. Later, the department also added Secondary Education in English to CCC’s eligible  offerings.

Central Christian has been approved to offer education for those who qualify for educational benefits under the Veterans Administration Educational Program. Central Christian College of Kansas has also been approved by the U.S. Office of Education for administering federal programs of student aid.


  • Association of Christian Schools International
  • Association of Free Methodist Educational Institutions
  • Center for Urban Studies
  • Christian Council of Colleges and Universities (Affiliate)
  • Christian Adult Higher Education Association
  • Focus on the Family Institute
  • Free Methodist Church of North America
  • Higher Learning Commission (North Central Association of Colleges and Schools)
  • Jerusalem University
  • Kansas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers
  • Kansas Department of Education
  • McPherson Airport
  • McPherson Chamber of Commerce
  • National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities
  • National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics
  • National Christian College Athletic Association
  • National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships
  • The Kansas Independent College Association
  • The Kansas Independent College Fund
  • United States Office of Education for Administering Federal Programs
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