About Us

About Us

At Central Christian College of Kansas, our mission is to provide Christ-Centered Education for Character. While our college is affiliated with the Free Methodist Church of North America, we welcome all students regardless of religious preference, race, color, handicap or economic status.

Our students come from all faiths and backgrounds – and our college’s character and lifestyle are communicated to each prospective student. Our purpose is to nurture Christian leaders who lead lives of character and service for the betterment of our society and the world.

"The bedrock of our education is this: Jesus is spoken here. In addition to developing the skills required to achieve in this world, we take the time to explore what it means to engage our culture from God’s perspective—a Christian worldview. Here at Central Christian College of Kansas, we focus on the student as a whole person. We create opportunities for you to develop not only academically, but also spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically."

– Dr. Lenny Favara, President, Central Christian College of Kansas

Central Christian College of Kansas Mission

Central Christian College of Kansas, an evangelical Christian college embracing the Wesleyan tradition, is dedicated to educating men and women of character who will impact the world for Christ. The mission statement, “Christ-centered education for character,” affirms the ethos that has inspired the College since its inception. Our mission drives us forward to higher levels of excellence and distinction as we seek to glorify God in our programs.

Through our residential program centrally located in McPherson, Kansas, and through our global online learning environment, Central Christian College of Kansas is dedicated to providing a Christ-centered education for character.

Central Christian College of Kansas Core Values

The Core Values articulate the ideals that guide the operations of Central Christian College of Kansas in pursuit of providing a Christ-centered education. They provide a conceptual framework by which CCCK holds itself accountable. We strive to be a place of:


Supporting that God is the source of all truth, we emphasize a balanced application of Scripture, reason, tradition and experience as the measure through which to test and approve truth as we explore, study, and appreciate His creation.

Spiritual Formation

Acknowledging that God has called every individual to full devotion to Christ, we are committed to providing an environment through which each individual can develop and sustain a maturing relationship with God.

Comprehensive Education

Realizing that character is a reflection of the whole individual (spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, social, environmental and vocational), we are dedicated to providing a personalized and balanced liberal arts education.


Appreciating that excellence provides an opportunity to honor God and inspire people, we promote an environment of innovation, where people are equipped and encouraged to serve with distinction.


Recognizing God’s invitation, we continually and consistently utilize prayer as the primary means through which we seek guidance and counsel, articulate our praise and thanksgiving, and ask for His action and intervention.


Understanding that God has uniquely created every individual, we seek to provide an environment where each person is treated with respect and dignity. 


Believing that our actions reflect on the character of Christ, we adhere to the highest moral and professional standards for all personal and corporate interactions.


Knowing that God has challenged every individual to active service, we foster an environment where we can develop our expertise in order to effectively minister.

Leadership and Followership

Trusting that effective leadership and followership is an outcome of humble service and spiritual gifting, we strategically sustain an environment where each person can excel in response to God’s gifting and leading for their lives.