Our Faculty

Our Faculty

Dr. Will Nicholas - Psychology

It has been a blessing to teach for Central Christian College and it is my desire to continue to serve in this capacity. God has a purpose and a plan for each of His children. I strongly believe that being an educator at Central Christian College affords me the opportunity to fulfill my purpose and live my mission statement, “Inspiring others to realize their God given purpose and pursue their greatest potential.”  I find joy in working with my students and in any number of ways cheering them on while holding them to high standards. Finally, I agree with reaching and shaping the whole person, so the FIT approach aligns with my educational philosophy. I hope to continue to serve at Central Christian College as long as I am welcome and God willing that will be a long time. 


Kristien Hamilton - Math, Statistics, Business

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching at Central Christian College of Kansas (CCCK) as it allows me to utilize both my academic credentials, and my real-world experience.  As a former online student I understand the obstacles our students face and thus feel that I am very understanding and flexible which is definitely something that our online students need.  I have built bonds with students and am able to see them in other courses that I teach which is fabulous as students enjoy seeing a familiar face as they begin another course along their journey to graduation.  I have also had the opportunity to create/build courses for CCCK which is truly a blessing.  I truly enjoy the experience I have teaching at CCCK and hope to continue doing so for years to come. 


Beth Armstrong - Psychology

The primary reason I want to continue to teach for Central is because of the students. Central reaches men and women for whom a college degree could change not only the trajectory of their lives but also the future of their families’ lives. I consider it an honor to be a part of this process and view it as an extension of my life calling that is rooted in Isaiah 61.


Sean Wallace - Criminal Justice

I want to continue teaching for Central Christian College because it is my passion to assist criminal justice practitioners to acquire an education that helps them provide better assistance to the citizens they serve.  I enjoy providing information to criminal justice practitioners, particularly police officers, that provides them with processes by which they can critically think about and systematically solve crime and disorder problems in the communities where they live and work.  I especially enjoy the discussion questions because I am able to use my experience as a police officer, police supervisor, and police administrator to challenge young officers to think critically about current issues facing today’s law enforcement professional.  Most importantly, I want to continue teaching for Central Christian College because I am able use Biblical principles as they relate to the course topics to point students toward a relationship with Jesus Christ and help them understand that law enforcement is not merely a job, it is a calling (Romans 13).  


Sarah Halbmaier - Criminal Justice

I love teaching at Central and interacting with students from all different walks of life. My older students occasionally struggle with technology and the younger students love helping them. Seeing Christians and non-Christians discuss current events and controversial topics and they both walk away with having learned something. I enjoy playing the “devil’s advocate” per say and encouraging students to broaden their thoughts on criminal justice and the world. It is gratifying to have students respond with statements like “Wow I had never thought of it like that before” or “That’s a really good idea”. These are the reasons I would like to continue teaching at Central. 


Schuyler Klock - Psychology

Schuyler appreciates that a wide assortment of students from across the country are drawn to CCCK's online program. She believes a range of perspectives makes for interesting discussions and enriches the learning process. As a course instructor, Schuyler strives to ensure high quality education is delivered. Her favorite moments are when students, regardless of their profession or stage in life, are moved toward personal reflection & awareness because that is how societal change comes about.


Danielle Claassen - Healthcare

I began teaching for CCCK in 2012. Over the last five years, I have enjoyed seeing the growth in both the online program and in the students who have progressed through the online programs at CCCK.  I love seeing students’ growth in critical thinking skills, knowledge and communication through writing.

I truly enjoy building into the next class of professionals. CCCK offers a great platform for training students from a Christ-centered perspective in a way that prepares them to enter the professional world, armed with the faith tools necessary for navigating our secular society. I look forward to the next five years of building into the students at CCCK!


Rebecca Sidorvich - Social Science

After five years of online facilitating for CCCK, I have a good understanding of our adult student population and their unique needs. In addition, I have refined my processes over the years and am pleased to pass on what I have learned to new faculty as I have been privileged to do recently. At CCCK there is opportunity to assist those who may otherwise not be able to complete their education and I enjoy being part of the growth process for our students. I welcome the opportunity to continue to grow in my ability to motivate students to learn and exceed their expectations while earning their degrees.


Dr. Shea Randall - Biblical Studies, Law

I have absolutely loved my time teaching at CCCK beginning in 2014. Since that time, it has been an ideal opportunity to meaningfully connect with students and help them grow in their relationship with Christ as emerging professionals. I have found the staff at CCCK to be nothing but professional and the quality of students to be outstanding. I feel like our values and goals align well and see it as a great opportunity to continue teaching and serving. 


Mary Nelson - Criminal Justice

I have been instructing the online course for Introduction to Corrections since 2011. I have over 30 years of experience in the field of Corrections and can honestly say it is my career. I believe I bring a lot of everyday common knowledge to the students who enroll in this class. I taught most of my classes through the Savant platform. I recently was given the pleasure by Tom Greco to review textbooks, purchase a textbook and write the new Corrections course lesson plan for the Keypath/Dialogue platform. I just completed the first class in this platform.  

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